How Much Does Sun Visor Replacement Cost?


As the summers approach, we often look for ways to keep our vehicle cool.No matter how good the AC unit of the car is, the sun rays heat up the car within seconds, and driving with a heated vehicle becomes impossible for us. The sun visor plays a significant role in protecting us from sun rays while driving and helps us drive without any hassle. Like other car parts, you may face issues with this car part and is generally resolved using car visor replacement.

Classification of Sun Visors

Sun Visors are basically divided into two categories and the way they have been installed on your car:

Fixed Mounted Car Sun Visors


The fixed mounted structure is quite simple. A bar is present at the ceiling of the interior of the car, along with a clip that moves to the end of the vehicle. It is a basic design that makes the visor movements upwards and downwards hassle-free. A fixed moving visor is constructed in a simple way. Wear and tear to the clips make the visor come out completely. Determine the Sun Visor Price and plan for a replacement accordingly.

Swivel-Mounted Car Sun Visors


Swivel-Mounted Car Sun Visors are generally found in present-day vehicles and are designed in a complicated way than their counterparts. A swivel bar is present in the exterior portion of the car ceiling where the visor is fixed, and the clip is present on the other end. Regular wear and tear droop the swivel-mounted car sun visors. At times swivel-mounted visors need frequent repairs, especially when these are used quite often.

Benefits of Using a Sun Visor

The sun visor offers several benefits to the driver; some of them have been listed as follows:

Lowers Vehicle’s Internal Temperature

The car visor blocks and reflects the heat produced by the sun, thereby making it easy for you to sit inside it. This device prevents you from burning when you touch the seatbelt, gear, or other internal car components.

Keeps the Electronic Components Safe

Direct sunlight poses significant damage to car components like stereo and CD players. In addition, touch screens present on the cars are more susceptible to damage as they come in contact quite often. Direct sunlight entry is generally prevented by the visor, thereby preventing the components from damage.

Keeps the Interior Safe

The car’s interior is susceptible to damage due to sunlight. The dashboard and seats begin to fail as they fade away due to sunlight. These parts are often susceptible to warps and cracks. Investing in a sun visor can prevent the vehicle from costly repairs in the years to come.

Common Issues with the Sun Visors


Over time the sun visors start becoming loose, or at times the visor from either end comes off and blocks your view. Driving with a sun visor that blocks your vision can be a hassle, and consulting a car mechanic for car visor replacement would be the best course of action. If you think that the mechanic repairs are burning a hole in your pocket, you can purchase an aftermarket sun visor from reputed ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing top-notch parts to you.

How Much Does Car Visor Replacement Cost?

The average cost to replace a car visor falls between $50-$250.The labor charges are levied separately and depend on the vehicle and your location. You can save money by purchasing your own aftermarket sun visor and paying the mechanic for the labor charges.

The Bottom Line

The sun visor plays a crucial role in keeping you and your car safe while out in the sun. It will be impossible to protect the car with a broken or worn-out visor. Therefore, consider the sun visor replacement cost and get rid of the problematic visor to drive smoothly on the road.

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