How to Reset The Throttle Position Sensor?


Behind the smooth functioning of the car lies various car components that work synchronously. However, we often neglect the importance of the car parts like throttle position sensor that improves engine efficiency and improves the vehicle’s fuel economy. Let us understand its works in detail and know the throttle position 

sensor reset procedure for the smooth working of the car.

What is the Role of Throttle Position Sensor?


The throttle position sensor is located within your vehicle and monitors the amount of air getting inside the engine. The butterfly valve opening present on the throttle sensor depends on how much the gas pedal has been pushed. The more a gas pedal is pushed, the more the air mixes with the fuel, and the car starts moving rapidly.

The combustion process takes place properly only when the engine receives proper air is to fuel the mixture. Inappropriately working system poses huge damage to car parts and other internal components. Driving becomes slow and jerky and puts everyone’s life at risk.

How Exactly Does a Throttle Position Sensor Works?

Cars have different throttle position sensors installed in them. These are placed keeping the age of the vehicle in mind. The older versions were connected to the throttle; also, the opening and closing status are determined via physical contact. Newer versions don’t need to establish any connection with the throttle for monitoring purposes. Certain devices work on hall effect that helps them manage the throttle position in an effective way. The hall effect depends on magnetic fields that regulate the opening and closing of the valve. The monitor reads those giving subtle magnetic variations, and the computer present within the car measures how open the throttle is.

If the car works optimally, the throttle position sensor sends data to the car’s computer every second. It is generally calibrated, keeping things such as RPM, engine temperature, changing throttle speed, and several other factors.

Reset Throttle Position Sensor: Step by Step Guide

Resetting the throttle position sensor is a complex task. Here we have come up with a step by step process that you can perform for the smooth working of the sensor:

  1. Make sure that the accelerator pedal is completely released.
  2. Turn the ignition on, then turn it off and wait for 10 seconds.
  3. Within these 10 seconds, ensure that the valve is moving after hearing the sound of operation.

These steps would reset your throttle sensor and help the vehicle run smoothly.

Which are Some of the Throttle Position Sensor Bad Symptoms?


Check the sensor for the following signs as they clearly inform the driver of an issue. Also, determine the throttle position sensor price a significant factor to be considered if the condition of the sensor deteriorates:

Hassle While Accelerating

A poorly working sensor leads to various power issues. The engine starts working with little or no power then shuts down all of a sudden. It would make the vehicle accelerate spontaneously even when your feet were away from the pedal.

Unstable Engine Idle

You would experience concerns such as unstable engine idle with a problematic sensor. In case of misfiring, stalling, or rough idling, determine the throttle position sensor price and consult the mechanic.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

The TPS works synchronously with other sensors and gives the desired performance. However, a problematic sensor hampers the performance of other sensors due to restricted airflow. In case the vehicle starts consuming more fuel than usual.

Warning Lights

The sensor issues are generally determined via the check engine light. Check the issue if you encounter an illuminating check engine light and plan a throttle position sensor replacement.

What to do in case the TPS(Throttle Position Sensor) isn’t Working Properly?

A poorly working TPS can impede the performance of your engine. In such cases, throttle position sensor replacement is the best course of action. The cost of the sensor falls between $75 to $150.In the case of European models, the entire throttle needs replacement as the computer is placed within the motor and takes the responsibility of opening and closing the butterfly. These parts would escalate the price range between $300 to $500.In the case of some sensors, we need to replace the entire assembly, which costs between $20 to $100.The pricing entirely depends on your location and make, year, and model of the car. You can save money on hefty repairs by purchasing a throttle sensor from the trusted car parts and accessories store ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’We bring reasonably priced and genuine car parts to your doorstep.

The Bottom Line

The air is to fuel mixture supplied to the engine is generally regulated by the TPS. Therefore, it is better to resolve the issues with the sensor as not doing so can hamper the smooth working of the car; if the condition becomes worse, plan for a throttle position sensor replacement without further delay.

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