Dodge Charger Reliability and Common Issues


Although the Dodge Charger is a muscle car, it is quite recognized for its normal reliability. It comes new from the manufacturing unit with a three-year 36,000-mile limited warranty. 

Muscle vehicles are one of the freshest automobiles on the market proper now, and they provide masses of muscle for the money. 2021 is like 1969 on the subject of those tire-shredding machines. The muscle automobile presenting has by no means been this massive with regards to Mopars, especially Chargers. However what about the Dodge Charger reliability? 

If you are trying to get a new Charger this is the time to shop for. But first, you want to observe the model a touch bit. Study the performance specs and special trims that stay clear of is supplying. Finally, study something extra approximately sidesteps Charger reliability. You need a dependable vehicle in spite of everything. 

Dodge Charger

On the time of writing this newsletter, the seventh gen chargers are one of the exceptional dealers obtainable. Those automobiles provide the quality of each worlds, strength, and capability. You may have all of the horsepower you need for your grocery getter. And additionally, sleek and cutting-edge appears that include the auto. 

The refresh of 2011 has introduced many inventions to this antique platform and gave it a new life. The looks had been progressed by way of a big margin and additionally did the avert Charger reliability.  

First, we’re going to study the records of the Charger. Then we are able to test the extraordinary trim tiers that you may get. And additionally, we are going to get thru all of the reliability troubles with each engine of this generation of chargers. 

Reliability problems 

Although the Dodge Charger is a muscle car, it is quite recognized for its normal reliability. It comes new from the manufacturing unit with a three-year 36,000-mile limited warranty. These numbers inform you loads about the circumvent Charger reliability. 

Stay clear of Charger Reliability 

According to J.D electricity, the 2021 version of avert charger gets an 89/one hundred. And this is lots to persuade a consumer to move and get a Charger proper away. Patron reports have also praised the version as a great purchase. 

The 2021 version of avert charger

But, even though the chargers in recent times are quite a lot bulletproof. Inside the first years of manufacturing, there had been many problems. However most of them are resolved via now. Despite the fact that there are nonetheless a few minor problems left to be resolved on the version. 

Despite the fact that the sidestep Charger reliability troubles aren’t many whilst we see the whole package deal. There are nevertheless a few problems regarding their powertrains. And we are going to speak about them in one of the next chapters. But first, allows communicate approximately the interior

Interior issues 

The various carmakers on the time have been the usage of some reasonably-priced plastics that changed into difficult as a rock and didn’t have any experience to it in any respect. Also, to add that this plastic become cracking like loopy, mainly if left for years inside the solar. 

These early automobiles had quite simple and no longer superb-looking interiors. They had been used greater as workhorses for the police and other authority’s establishments as opposed to by way of a person who wanted to get a car to show off. 

Sidestep didn’t restore this hassle till the restyle in 2011, which saw a prime improvement and a noticed a large usage of gentle-contact materials. Those enhancements have progressed the styling and the general impression of the car. 

This resulted in the Charger gaining reputation a few of the more youthful target audience and additionally the auto men, particularly Mopar diehards. Along with the new trims just like the Scat percent and the brand new engine alternatives. We witnessed a huge increase in Charger sales. 

In the ultimate years, sidestep has observed their target market and tries to hold them glad as pleasant as they are able to. With new trim levels and also extra power. Electricity is in no way sufficient on the subject of muscle vehicles. 

Electric problems 

Electrical issues regarding the Dodge Charger were stated by Dodge owners. These issues affected broadly speaking the older models earlier than 2014. And after 2014, there had been no more reviews of human beings having electric issues with their keep away from Charger. 

A few commonplace malfunctions occur, which includes damaged electricity window regulators and strength reflect cars. These things whilst used plenty, understand to suffer with the aid of a large margin. So, in case you plan to get one of the early models you may come across these troubles. 

Also, headlight and tail light troubles were said on the sooner fashions that are pre-facelift and use every day bulbs. These bulbs are recognised to burn and need everyday adjustments. They’re a fairly easy restore on account that they’re readily to be had at your nearby elements store. 

RUST problems 

The rust difficulty was usually a problem for Mopars, this hassle haunts them due to the fact that their inception. And up till currently after they resolved this difficulty by the use of greater first-class steel and higher manufacturing techniques. 

Users have said rust issues at the rear wheel wells and also along with the rocker panels. This reportedly seems because avoid sprays those places with foam under, in order to remove the street noise. But unluckily, right here moisture receives trapped and reasons some rust bubbles to appear. 

The rocker panels and the rear wheel wells basically rust from the internal out. As folks that own these vehicles say, you just ought to live with it. 

The most effective way on how you may avoid this hassle is to live in a place wherein there isn’t a good deal rain and moisture on the roads. Additionally, keep away from using your car inside the rain or snow. Force your vehicle inside the dry climate, however that’s not that clean to do, so one minus for steer clear of. 

Charger powertrain issues 

Chrysler engines are famous for his or her persistence and reliability. Even though, there are a few minor insects that hang-out these engines to at the present time. We’re going to dive deep into every in their afflicted engines and spot what are those troubles and the way luxurious are the fixes. 


The most stricken of the few is the Pentastar V6. This engine is mounted inside the Chrysler 300, the Chrysler Pacifica, and ward off Durango, dodge Challenger, and other fashions. 

It’s far a widely used engine but it has some troubling troubles. When you have an early FCA Pentastar 3.6 engine that turned into made among 2011-2013. Its miles an excessive chance that your engine head may additionally fail quickly. Those failures arise typically at the left bank of the engine. 

The trojan horse that reasons those head failures is the overheating of the valve seats on the second one cylinder. This problem changed into addressed through mid-2013 with a few hardened valve publications and seats. 

FCA Chrysler has also extended the assurance on the models that had these engines by 10 years or 150,000 miles for the engines produced between 2011 and 2013. 

Different issues that arise to this engine are the rocker arm issues. After they move terrible, those rocker arms may additionally cause tapping noises and misfires. 

This trouble became constant but the fix turned into high-priced. It can price the owner from $500-$1500 to restore this trouble. 

Pentastar V6

There had been additionally a few cooling troubles that had been suggested with this engine. This trouble may additionally reason the engine to overheat and eventually fail. The fee to restoration this trouble can come to a price of 200 to 800 bucks. 

And final, we come to the oil pump failure. Oil pumps in this engine die off prematurely. The primary symptom is the closing of the oil stress. That is a clear signal that your oil pump is dead. The simple answer is converting the oil pump with a brand new OEM alternative component. 

So, to sum matters up. This engine is one of the maximum engines that Chrysler has provided. By using now in 2021, the problems with the heads had been looked after out, however the different issues can also nonetheless be present. 

If you are in the market for a second-hand Charger, live far away from the version year 2011 to 2013. 

The 5.7 HEMI 

The five.7-liter HEMI is nearly a bulletproof engine. Even though there are a small number of problems which can be troubling in relation to this engine and one among them may be a chunk worrying. 

The HEMI ticking may be as a result of faulty lifters, seized lifter rollers, or exhaust manifold bolt failure. And the lifter roller is the primary offender for this difficulty. 

This hassle is difficult to diagnose and calls for a few talent. The HEMI tick isn’t always a big issue, since it doesn’t have an effect on the engine health at the beginning. But slowly it can take the engine inside the twilight region and make it misfire and purpose a few take a look at engine lighting to appear at the dash. 

The coolest element is that this trouble broadly speaking appears on better mile engines. If your HEMI Charger has above 100k+ miles then it’s probably commenced ticking. Here’s a small video explaining this issue. 

Transmission issues 

There were now not many troubles with transmissions on the evade charger. And that they do no longer have an effect on the ward off Charger reliability at all. Even though some problems have been stated with the TCM or transmission manage module for the models until 2016.  


We may additionally draw an end that, even if the stay away from Charger is a muscle car, it’s miles a quite tons bulletproof car. The steer clear of Charger reliability is on par with the high-quality automobiles available. And you’ll now not make a mistake in case you purchase one for yourself. 

This engine is understood to have catastrophic cylinder head disasters due to a layout mistakes. The other engines and transmissions are quite a great deal all awesome. 

Also, now not to forget in case you get a HEMI Charger or Challenger with more than 100k+ miles, the ticking noise will continually be there. So that you will should live with it. In my view, the Charger is amazing value for the fee, as it offers sportiness with usability, and that could be a killer blend. 

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