Nissan Maxima Reliability and Common Issues


At the beginning known as the Datsun 810 when it debuted in 1977, the Datsun Maxima was delivered in 1981, turning into the Nissan Maxima via the mid-Eighties 

At the beginning known as the Datsun 810 when it debuted in 1977, the Datsun Maxima was delivered in 1981, turning into the Nissan Maxima via the mid-Eighties. For decades, Nissan has advertised the auto as a “4-door sports automobile.” automobile and driver even says the 2020 Maxima is the “sizable sedan for people who wouldn’t be caught useless driving an enormous sedan.” 

With such a long history over four decades, many version years are available for used automobile buyers. It’s continually correct to have extra info earlier than you make a decision on a used car, so right here’s a take a look at the pinnacle four Nissan Maxima proceedings that owners have submitted through the years. 

Nissan Maxima

Low-strain AC hose may also leak at crimped connection 

If the AC hose begins leaking refrigerant on the crimped connection, there will be low strain in the gadget, and the air conditioner will blow warm air instead of cold. That is the maximum not unusual trouble on the Nissan Maxima, and it has been reported by 161 people. It costs about $88 to $111 to have the AC recognized. A few owners mentioned their repairs fee $200 to $400. The difficulty affects 10 version years: 2001 and 2004 via 2012. On average, the problem appeared around 87,453 miles. 

Test engine mild on because of failed ignition coil 

Test engine mild on because of failed ignition coil

There were 99 proprietors who mentioned that their test engine light got here on, showing a primary ignition signal fault because of an ignition coil failure. Harm in one coil also can purpose harm within the other ignition coils. Getting an ignition coil replaced fees roughly $764 to $922. The problem has been said in eleven Maxima version years, from 1995 to 2002 plus 2004, 2007, and 2009. It started out taking place on common round 136,382 miles. 

Camshaft sensor leaking oil into the connector 

ignition coil failure

The 1/3 largest difficulty with the Maxima is a hassle with the camshaft role sensor causing it to leak oil into the electric connector. Whilst this happens, the check engine light turns on and the engine may want to stall periodically. There have been 91 people who suggested this trouble and it value them $88 to $111 to have the test engine mild diagnosed and tested. This appears in 10 version years from 2002 to 2010 plus 2014 at 113,800 miles on common. 

Leaking electricity guidance pump can motive noise or steering troubles for the Nissan Maxima 

The fourth largest hassle located by using Maxima owners is that the power steerage pump can broaden leaks, which then can drip down onto the decrease manipulate arm bushing, inflicting deterioration. Drivers then hear a knocking sound, especially while driving over hard roads, and feature more hassle controlling the car.  

There were 86 owners who pronounced this problem, and it fee among $458 and $995 to get the energy guidance pump replaced. The problem impacts lots of model years, which includes 1995 via 2009 plus 2012 and 2013. The hassle indicates up, on average, around 122,561 miles. 

A number of these troubles are critical and also reasonably expensive issues. Additionally they affect such an extensive variety of model years that human beings thinking about shopping for a used Nissan Maxima need to be aware about the capability problems. But, they typically don’t occur until near 100,000 miles. 

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