Engine Upgrades You Can Do It Yourself And Are Also Pocket Friendly

Not all car owners are satisfied with the performance of their vehicles. While some would simply drive their vehicle for transportation purposes, others like to feel the thrill of driving like a Pro. This is why many people opt for engine modifications. Car and engine modifications look great, but can often make a hole in your pocket. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on your driving experience as there are some engine upgrades that can be done on your own. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of these engine upgrades and the best part is that they’re going to be super affordable and hassle-free.

Disk Brakes

Disk Brakes

Although it’s not an engine modification, there is a reason we are including this modification; it helps ensure better stability and control as you drive your vehicle after doing the engine modifications. So, if you have a car with drum brakes and are considering some engine modifications to improve its performance, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of them now and install disk brakes! They are a much better alternative and it is easier to inspect through the rims. When it comes to driving during the rainy season or snowy roads, they are far less susceptible to brake fade.

Nitrous Oxide :

Nitrous oxide

If you’ve seen those movies where the actors would install some type of cylinders that would give a great boost to their speed, you already know the importance of Nitrous Oxide. But before you get carried away and feel like a part of Fast and Furious, it’s important to know that NOS isn’t legal everywhere. If you get caught using NOS in a country where it isn’t allowed, one can be penalized for racing. On the other hand, where it is legal, you can add some serious punch to your ride! NOS works by allowing your engine to breathe better with an additional punch of oxygen. This results in producing substantial horsepower gains.

Turbo and Superchargers:

Turbo and superchargers

It is a fact that modern naturally aspirated engines are known for their smooth power delivery. This is something that you often miss with a turbo or supercharger. But don’t feel bad as you can simply add one of these beautiful boosters to unlock power immediately. If your car already has one installed from the manufacturer, it is probably a basic one so you can also swap it for a new one that is more effective and enhances (the) engine performance. Although a supercharger will offer more power in comparison to the turbo, the turbo can have benefits too. So no matter what option you choose, it will ensure higher performance.

ECU Tune:

ECU tunes

When it comes to improving the performance of a car, without investing too much, the first thing that any professional can suggest is tuning the ECU. And the best part is that this can be done on your own without installing any hardware. This simply works by altering the stock ‘map’ of your car’s engine, which changes the way your engine behaves and delivers power. This involves slightly changing the map according to your driving style so you can experience the best performance. A good thing is that the ECU tune can be done on almost all cars.

Subframe Connectors:

SubFrame connector

If you are not too much into the technical thing, but still would like to try an engine modification to improve its performance, then here’s the one that will surely prove to be a fruitful choice. But before we move further, it’s important to know that this is not required if you drive your car once a week or blow off steam by launching from red lights at full throttle sometimes. Adding subframes to your car is an in-depth modification and is often preferred by serious drivers with heavy machines. These subframes can be purchased online and installation is very easy; bolt or weld them to the bottom of your chassis. This results in increased rigidity and addresses  the problem of body flex.

Sway Bars:

Sway Bars

When it comes to improving engine performance, the overall body of the vehicle also plays a vital role so we are going to add another modification that is not directly linked with the engine Mod, but can help a lot with the performance boost. It’s important to understand that sway bars affect different drivelines differently. For example, a stiffer sway bar will help reduce understeer, while a rigid one placed on the rear-wheel drive will help reduce oversteer. If you’re driving an all-wheel car, then install a stiffer rear sway bar. Similarly, for oversteering in an all-wheel drive, it is suggested to install a more rigid sway bar in the front. The goal is to reduce body roll during cornering.

Cold Air Intake:

cold air intake installed on a dodge charger hemi v 8 engine

Let’s get back to a serious engine modification; our main topic here. We’re not going to talk about changing your current pistons or camshafts, but it’s about providing some fresh and cold air to the engine, which is very important for a higher performance level. When the engine burns fuel, typically at a higher speed when it burns more fuel than what it can handle, the engine feels a lot of pressure. The key to making your engine breathe is by ensuring proper airflow. While the stock air filters are good with normal driving, installing a cold air intake helps when you’re in a speeding mood.

Throttle Body:


Now that you’ve already made up your mind to provide your car with enough cold air intake, it would not be fair if that high-velocity airflow went to waste somewhere else down the line. Get another modification to your car engine with a new throttle body installation, which works much similar to your old Holley carburetor, but it also works as more of a horsepower facilitator than a horsepower creator. The goal of these throttle bodies is to promote increased airflow, so it makes sense that you have a reason to have a high-flow racing throttle body.

Forced Induction :


When it comes to some serious engine upgrades, there is no way you can skip this part. Forced induction can give you the feeling of blow-your-socks-off performance. According to specialists, forced induction is simply a way to force compressed air into the engine compartment as it needs more air when it’s in high-speed mode.

Intercoolers :


One basic engine upgrade that many people often overlook when planning for improving performance is adding intercoolers. When you get big power, it results in hot air that gets pumped from your exhaust-powered turbo. The hot air can result in impacting the engine’s performance, but thanks to the intercoolers, it’s possible to easily cool that hot air down and make it nice and dense again. It’s simple, the denser the air, the more you can cram in, so it makes sense to think about this engine modification before you start driving your heavy machinery.

Spark Plugs :


Let’s admit, you didn’t think about upgrading your engine spark plugs, thinking that they’re already creating enough spark for the engine to perform well. But, the fact is that there are different types of spark plugs and the car manufacturers will use the basic ones that are capable of handling normal driving. When it comes to better performance, this engine upgrade is something you cannot skip at all. While the performance engine spark plugs won’t blow horsepower through your engine, it offers a higher resistance to wear and hence will last you longer. Before this upgrade, it is suggested to consult with a professional mechanic to get a suitable decision and make the right choice.

Adjustable Preload Springs :


Adding adjustable preload springs isn’t just a cool addition to your vehicle, but they can give a add to your driving experience to a great extent. These preload springs work by pushing outward on the shock before the shock has even started compressing. As a result, you get more stability as you drive your car at a higher speed, even with a full load. If you’re unable to make some good suspension adjustments effectively, add these to your list of engine modifications.

Final Words:

We hope you liked these simple and inexpensive ways to improve your vehicle’s performance through quick engine modifications. Understanding your car and its engine is very important before you start to think about modification. For this, it is important to refer to its user manual and also consult with a professional in the field for making the most of your investments in engine modifications. With the right upgrades and changes, you can get a smoother ride, higher gas mileage, as well as an engine that performs better.

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