Everything You Need to Know about Car Water Pump Failure

Did you know that the normal range of a car engine is 195 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit? But as the car runs, it becomes scalding. Therefore to maintain the temperature range, we use coolant. The coolant flows from the radiator to the engines and then back to maintain the temperature and check that nothing goes wrong. It is a car’s water pump that assures that your car suffers no damage, and the flow is maintained. If anything wrong happens with the water pump, this flow becomes inconsistent and will stop completely, leading to severe overheating.

Car Water Pump

How much does the Water Pump Replacement cost?

When it comes to the replacement cost of the water pump, there is quite a range. It all depends on the model and make of your vehicle. It can be anywhere between $100 to $800. Besides the year and the model of the car, what matters the most is labor costs. You won’t even realize, but it takes a lot more in-depth to install a water pump.

Repairing a water pump involves the right amount of skill and time. Firstly, a timing belt must be removed to check if the water pump is in good condition or needs repairing, which increases the cost of labor. 

The life span of the timing belt and the car water pump is similar. It is recommended that once you replace your one thing, it is better to get both. Though this is a costly process, it will save a lot of money rather than getting them replaced one by one.

Are you replacing the water pump on your own?

Yes, you can do it, but it’s generally not recommended. As mentioned earlier, the water pump is located beneath the timing belt, and it requires a lot of work to get in there. So if you are new to this, you should know that this is technical work that requires a lot of skills, and you might end up with chaos. This task usually requires a fairly advanced repair job or at least an intermediate level.

Car Water Pump

With your past success experiences, you can try this on your own. A  guide online that can assist you. Though it is quite a complicated task, it can be more comfortable when you see and get step by step guidelines from an expert explaining what to do and what is happening.

Again we would say and suggest not to do it on your own unless you have proper hands-on such repairs already. Still, if you think you are ready and can do it, you can check out some useful videos online.

Signs of water pump failure or bad water pump

There are some of the signs that your water pump shows up as it starts damaging. Here are some of the indications that make you aware that your water pump demands repairs.

  • Overheating Engine: This is quite a visible sign. If the water pump stops working, the coolant is not circulated, which heats the car engine. This is dangerous and requires immediate repairs as it can lead to further problems like a blown head gasket, warped pistons, or damage to the engine entirely. These concerns should be considered immediately.
  • Leaking coolant: If you notice any green or orange or any other color of substance around the front end of your car parking, that means you have coolant leaks. It happens when the water pump starts failing. The seals and the gaskets that keep the water pump safe breaks due to physical damages or worn out due to excessive use. It is better to get your gaskets repaired on time as it won’t be that expensive and avoid future accidents. 
Car Water Pump
  • Sludge Buildup: Though this is an unusual symptom, this might happen that you notice a minimal amount of leakage out of your vehicle. The dripping coolant deposits on other parts of the car engine. It becomes thick as it gets mixed with dirt and debris. It creates a sludgy looking residue on certain parts of the engine. You may also notice corrosion on the metal parts, which in the long term, creates a problem as it builds up sludge, interrupting the functioning of various elements.
Car Water Pump
  • Noises: One of the easiest ways to diagnose the problems is by hearing the unusual sounds. There is a belt on the water pump, and when it becomes loose, or bearings get worn out,  a whining high pitched sound appears from the motor signaling that something is wrong.
Car Water Pump
  • Steam from the engine: One of the scariest things that need to be fixed right away is noticing smoke or steam from the engine. It is a clear indicator of danger, and the situation must be assessed as quickly and safely as possible. 

The water pump is vital and an integral part of the car engine. When the engine gets hot, we generally add coolant without considering how the coolant circulates. Repairing a bad water pump is an expensive process, and therefore, you should get this looked right away. 

The severity of a bad water pump increases as time passes. It can lead to a catastrophic failure in your vehicle. It is better to pay less for minor repairs than let it go for too long.

Car Water Pump

Remember, a water pump lasts for about 60,000 miles to 90,000 miles. So if you’ve gone long without the repairs, you must look into these symptoms and get a mechanic to check the pump before things get worse. You can also buy a car water pump online at The Auto Parts Shop

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