How to Buy Fuel Pumps?


Vehicles in the past operated on inline-styled pumps. They were replaced by fuel pumps that have become an integral part of the vehicle ins. If your fuel pump has started giving problems, know that it’s time to replace it as it impedes the smooth working of the vehicle.

Buying a fuel pump is a hassle, especially among so many options present in the market. In this article, we have discussed steps that will simplify the fuel pump buying process. Also, we have highlighted the symptoms of a bad fuel pump that needs a fuel pump replacement.

How Does a Fuel Pump Work?


The internal combustion engine starts working by mixing fuel and air. A fuel pump plays a critical role in the process as it sends gas from the tank straight to the fuel lines and lasts to the injectors on time.

It is the responsibility of the fuel pump to maintain pressure for the smooth working of the vehicle. Excessive pressure can be a cause of concern as it makes the engine run rich, i.e., inadequate oxygen supply. It becomes lean when there is a scarcity of pressure and becomes a gasoline deficit during the process. Both these factors impact car power and the efficiency of the fuel.

There is another significant role that is performed by the fuel pump. It keeps the debris away from the fuel pump. The maintenance tasks must be performed after the vehicle has covered 30,000 miles. In addition to this, the bad fuel filter gives rise to problems similar to a bad fuel pump. You need to perform fuel pump replacement when such issues arise.

Symptoms of a Problematic Fuel Pump


It is difficult to carry out things, especially at work or in personal life, especially with a problematic fuel pump. Sometimes it’s just the fuel pump that requires replacement, or the entire fuel module assembly needs to be changed. We have created a list of signs of problematic fuel pumps listed as follows:

Engine Sputtering at High Speed

Engine sputtering at high speeds is a first warning sign given by the problematic fuel pump. If the sputtering takes place for a second and the vehicle resumes normal working, don’t ignore the sign, possibly due to a faulty fuel pump.

Sputtering takes place when the pump is unable to give regular supply to the engine. Another reason could be contaminants that have entered within the pipe.

If driving the vehicle has become a hassle in such conditions, get fuel pump replacement as soon as possible.

Car Begins Losing Power as Vehicle is Stressed

You are adding a lot of pressure to the vehicle while going uphill. Straining the engine in excess would make the vehicle lose power completely. If you suspect a drop in power, know serious concerns, and need a fuel pump replacement.

Decreasing Fuel Pressure

A problematic fuel pump can give rise to various other issues. It makes the car lose fuel pressure, reduces the acceleration, and makes the rides bumpy. You can check all these things by checking the engine light which is present with the odometer.

The vehicle has Freezed, Unable to Start

The biggest sign of a problematic fuel is the car’s inability to start. These things take place when you keep on delaying the warning.

Note: Ensure that fuel in the pressure lines is checked thoroughly.

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

Different factors affect the fuel pump replacement cost. It is generally affected by the make and model of the vehicle. The replacement charges also depend on the location and the services offered by them. Know the fuel pump replacement in advance before getting the job done.

Fuel Pump Replacement Process

The fuel pump replacement process takes place as follows:

  • Raise the vehicle so that the tank can be removed. In case the gas has a tank, it would come out.
  • Clamps are taken out from the fill lines, which are eliminated to prepare the gas tank for dropping. An air duster can be used to take out dirt from the tank.
  • Wire connectors and fuel lines attached to the module are disconnected. The tank at the top is taken out, followed by the pump retaining ring.
  • The pump assembly is removed so that a new part can be inserted. Some fuel pumps need parts to transfer from the old unit.
  • Reverse the entire procedure.

If everything in the vehicle is fine, replace the fuel pump, and your vehicle will start working smoothly again.

How to Buy a Fuel Pump?

If you are unable to find an appropriate fuel pump for your vehicle by entering make and model, you can still find it using the OEM part number.OEM part number is mentioned on the part. Alternatively, you can give the VIN number to the manufacturer and know about the OEM part number.

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for a long-lasting and reliable fuel pump that keeps your vehicle safe, get it from the reputed car parts store ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’We have also shared some guidelines that you can adopt to keep the vehicle running optimally.

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