How to Buy an Intercooler?


Many of us have come across intercoolers present at the top or at the front in supercharged or turbo vehicles. These devices reduce the temperature and regulate the air density supplied to the engine.

If you are planning to buy an intercooler in this article, we have simplified the buying process for you. Also, we have covered everything you must know about intercoolers and the crucial role they play in keeping the air to fuel ratio balanced.

How Do Intercoolers Work?

The air released by the super or turbocharger is extremely hot. As the temperature surges, the oxygen content drops. When the air is cool, the engine gets dense and oxygen-rich air. This brings significant improvement in combustion as more fuel is burnt by the vehicle. This device helps to keep the device’s air is to fuel ratio balanced.

Categories of Intercooler

Intercoolers have been classified as follows:

Air to Air Intercooler


The air to air intercooler takes out heat from the compressed air by allowing its entry from network tubes with cooling fins. The cool air moving at speed absorbs heat from the cooling fins, thereby reducing the compressed air temperature.        


  • Simple
  • Inexpensive
  • Less weight.

It is the most common form of intercooling.


  • Longer intake length as the cooler is to be taken at the car’s front.
  • Shows more temperature variation than air is to water.

Air is to Water Intercooler


Water becomes the primary heat transfer agent in case of air is to water the intercooler. Cool water enters the intercooler and extracts compressed air as it moves. The heating water passes through another cooling circuit. The cool air is allowed to enter the engine.

The size of these intercoolers is comparatively smaller than the air-to-air ones.


  • It can be ideally installed at places with space, airflow, and intake length constraints. It is ideal to use water for heat transfer and has the ability to handle a wide temperature range.


  • Suitable for industrial applications, machinery, marine, and custom install where air so air doesn’t work well.


Keep it anywhere at the engine bay where the radiator gets a good airflow, or the thermo fan is attached to it.

Signs of a Problematic Intercooler

Signs of a Problematic Intercooler

Intercoolers are crucial turbo accessories that keep the air intake of the vehicle low. Not replacing the intercooler will affect the performance of the vehicle. Check the intercooler for the following symptoms:

Increased Emissions

A bad turbo intercooler generates emissions from its exhaust system. The smoke formation is taking place because the engine is receiving limited air from the damaged intercooler. Over time the combustion from the exhaust system gets darker.


Overheating is another sign of a problematic intercooler. A leaky cooler makes the hot air enter the engine. The vehicle’s dashboard will reveal a noticeable increase in engine temperature. A surge in temperature can damage the engine to a great extent. These issues demand great attention and must be resolved as soon as possible. Emphasis must be devoted to the damaged hose to prevent the issues from getting worse.

Restricted RPM

The computer generally manages different engine functions that make parameters adjustments based on the inputs received. In case of a damaged intercooler, the sensor will show the increased temperature. This makes ECM restrict the per minute revolutions as the air density within the engine drops. This means that procuring power from the engine would be a hassle for you.

Check the turbo intercooler for the following symptoms and get them resolved to help the vehicle function smoothly.

Intercooler Buying Guide

Buying an intercooler for your vehicle has become easier than ever. If you cannot locate an appropriate intercooler for your vehicle using information such as make, year, and model, search it using OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) number. Then, share your VIN with your dealership to get the OEM number from them and find the suitable part for your vehicle.

Intercooler Kit

Sometimes there are issues with a particular part, or the entire intercooler can be replaced using an intercooler kit.’ The Auto Parts Shop‘ has kits exquisitely designed for every vehicle.

Buy intercoolers of good quality and within your budget from the store that brings authentic parts to you.

Wrapping Up

Use intercoolers to supply dense and oxygen-rich air to the engine. If the intercooler has started giving problems, know that it’s time to replace it with a new one to keep air, which would keep air to fuel ratio proper.

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