How Long Do Hybrid Car Batteries Really Last & Its Replacement Cost?


Technology is growing at a fast pace which has led to advancement in-vehicle technology. The internal combustion engine cars have taken a backseat and hybrid cars are a better alternative to them. It has become the most preferred choice for car enthusiasts due to its sleek looks, better fuel economy, and has a positive impact on the environment. All this has been possible due to hybrid batteries present in the car. 

Typical Battery Life 

The hybrid batteries are meant to last through the lifespan of the vehicle. If not maintained properly hybrid batteries start malfunctioning or fail just like other automotive parts. Replacing a hybrid battery with a new one is an expensive affair and one doesn’t have to deplete his savings to buy a new one. This article covers the life expectancy of hybrid car batteries and the replacement cost which will be levied on them. 

  • Modern vehicles operate about 100,000 miles on a hybrid battery which can also stretch up to 200,000 miles. It is expected to work for about 8 to 12 years before replacement options are to be considered. 
  • Your battery would start giving unexpected issues. Ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the battery warranty to determine things that will be covered in case of premature failure. 
Typical Battery Life 

What Makes Hybrid Batteries Long-Lasting? 

The lifespan of an average battery is 3 years. You must be thinking about the reason which makes hybrid batteries last beyond the average vehicle. Hybrid vehicles charge up to 80% before being declared as full. The 20% battery is still empty and its undercharging & overcharging stretches the life of the battery beyond its regular time. 

Hybrid Battery’s Replacement Cost  

Different retailers impose different hybrid battery charges. The main thing is it must be a quality product purchased from reliable sources. The condition of refurbished batteries is improved and  are sold as branded products in the market. Preferring a cheap alternative isn’t an ideal option and will demand replacement every now and then. 

The dealer would try to sell his own battery when someone goes for an evaluation. At some places, the charges of replacement would go up to $6000. Don’t spend extra money while purchasing the battery and associate with a trusted seller like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that bring optimum quality batteries to you. The batteries have been designed in such a way that the air moves to and fro and low temperatures are maintained. These parameters extend the battery life of the vehicle. The best part is you get what you pay for. 

The purchase would offer you peace of mind and offer an exhilarating experience while driving. 

Hybrid Batteries

Tips to Maximize the Hybrid Battery’s Lifespan 

You would hardly come across a battery with no issues. However, you can take some preventive measures to extend the lifespan of a hybrid battery listed as follows: 

Ensure That The Battery Is Charged 

Charge the battery to full at least after every 2 months by turning the hybrid system on for 30 minutes. Older batteries must be charged after a week. Take the car for a drive and try turning it on in an area that is not enclosed. Charging must be performed by turning the ready light on and turning the electrical accessories off to make the most out of the charging time. 

Accelerate Slowly 

The accelerator must be slowly pressed while moving from a stopping position. Don’t rush and perform everything slowly as it would stretch the lifespan of the hybrid battery by a few years. 

Decelerate at Slow Speed 

Instead of slamming the brakes try decelerating slowly. This would make the battery last for longer  periods. 

Fill the Vehicle with Gasoline 

Preference is given to hybrid vehicles because they are economical and save a lot of money on gas. Driving on the roads with speeds more than 55km/hour the gas usage is more with minimum battery drainage. 

Keep your Vehicle Properly 

Excessive heating and cooling temperatures can reduce the shelf life of the battery. Just like the tires the core of the battery expands and contracts based on the temperatures. 

Tidy Up the Auxiliary Fan 

The auxiliary fan is liable for keeping the hybrid battery cool. It is susceptible to dirt and debris and requires thorough cleaning regularly. A coating of oil gets accumulated in the blades of the fan and prevents air from entering your battery. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the battery cool and maximize its shelf life. 

Keep the Screen Filter In Pristine Condition 

Some hybrid batteries have a screen filter in them. It must be inspected after every 6 months and kept spick and span. 

Schedule Maintenance Frequently 

Different parts of the vehicle coordinate with each other for the smooth working of the vehicle. Get your vehicle maintained frequently otherwise, you would end up spending more money on fixing the problematic parts of the vehicle. 

Wrapping Up  

A hybrid battery is a cost-effective and environment friendly alternative and paying more money than its actual replacement cost is totally futile. Choose a trustworthy car parts supplier such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ & enjoy the benefits of driving in the years to come. 

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