How Much Does a Car Battery Cost and Car Battery Price?


Did you know that the battery is the most crucial car component? 

Every non-living thing needs a push to function. This concept also applies to the car batteries that play dual role-giving energy boost to the engine and supplying electricity to accessories the moment the working of the engine stops starts. Power supplied to these systems is usually the chemical energy stored in their electrolytes and is converted into electrical energy. After a while the electrolyte present in them starts getting weak or evaporates. During this, the battery is unable to supply power to the car and needs a replacement. The lifespan of a battery is between 3 to 5 years ,but it may die prematurely due to human neglect and external factors. 

Car Battery

Battery Types 

The car batteries offer a variation of lead acid technology which performs a chemical reaction between lead plates, sulphuric acid and distilled water to supply electrical power. Let us dive deeper into different battery types that vary according to your vehicle. 

Flood Cell Battery

Flood Cell Battery 

Flood cell battery is a basic and commonly preferred battery type. This kind of battery doesn’t require a lot of maintenance(top-ups of distilled water needs to be inspected and maintained) or are maintenance free. 

Enhanced Flooded Battery 

Enhanced Flooded Battery 

Enhanced flooded battery has a longer lifespan compared to the standard one along with a better charging acceptance. It is generally installed in vehicles with a start stop technology. 

Calcium Battery 

Calcium Battery 

Calcium is added to the internal plates which makes the calcium battery more powerful, increasing its shelf life and power. The formation of Hydrogen during chemical reaction known as gassing is generally minimised. 

Gel Battery

Gel Battery 

Instead of liquid the acid is generally mixed safely with the gel. This mixture keeps the battery free from leaks and in turn becomes shock and temperature resistant. 

Absorbent Glass Mat Battery 

Absorbent Glass Mat Battery 

Absorbent glass mat battery is an advanced version of acid led battery designed as per the needs of the modern vehicles. These batteries are vibration resistant, completely sealed, spillage free and require least maintenance. A glass mat lies between the plates soaks the acid completely and offers complete cyclic stability. The battery can be charged repeatedly without worrying about the loss of performance. 

Lithium Ion Battery  

Lithium Ion Battery  

Lithium Ion batteries are commonly installed in the present day vehicles. The primary reason behind this is their light weight and doesn’t take too long to charge them. Compared to other battery forms this battery needs a lot of maintenance and comes with specialized charging requirements and is costly. 

Factors Affecting Car Battery Price 

Interestingly, replacing a car battery is quite affordable compared to other vehicle maintenance tasks. The car batteries cost between $50-$200 which depends on the type of battery you are selecting for your vehicle, the size and the place of purchase. Check the car battery cost online and keep the factors mentioned below into account before making the purchase decision: 

Car Battery Type 

Car batteries come in various sizes and are designed based on car’s make and model. Ensure that the purchased battery fits properly in your vehicle. The common battery sizes are 24,65 and 75.The cost of the battery will escalate in case of specific battery needs or large batteries. 


Most of the people treat car warranties a less significant thing compared to other warranties. In reality a car warranty gives you peace of mind while you are on the road and is a backup plan in case of emergency situations. Buying a battery with warranty would save you from paying money for expensive repairs and replacements. 


Most of the car parts stores install the batteries free of cost when purchased from them. The installation charges depend on the size, make, model, year, location and hourly rate. Compare the prices before making the final decision. 

How Much Does the Installation Cost? 

Installation charges levied by the mechanic would fall between $10-$100.The labour charges depend on the location of the battery within the car and the time it takes to install. Certain stores including The Auto Parts Shop goes an extra mile and will install the battery free of cost. 

How Often Batteries Need Replacement? 

According to mechanics battery replacements must be performed after 2 to 5 years. Factors such as vehicle type, climate and battery type must be  taken into account before making the buying decision. Don’t compromise on the quality of lead and get a battery case if you want to avail optimum performance in winters. Ensure that the positive and the negative terminal matches with the alignment of your vehicle. 

What Reduces the Lifespan of a Battery? 

Extreme temperatures could have detrimental effects on the battery listed as follows: 

  • Scorching heat leads to evaporation of the battery fluid. 
  • During winters the oil thickens thereby consuming more energy ultimately leading to drained battery. 
  • Eliminating corrosion will extend the life of your battery. The corrosion comprises faint white or blue fuzz and can be eradicated by applying cleansing products from the auto store.  

Where to Buy Car Batteries from? 

If you are looking for an optimum quality battery at an affordable price look no further than ‘The Auto Parts Shop’. Determine your requirements and get the kind of car battery at your doorstep. 

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