How Much Does a Catalytic Convertor Replacement Costs?


Has your car started giving troubles due to improper working or noticed a significant reduction in the gas mileage? There is something wrong with the catalytic converter of your vehicle and needs immediate attention from your end. These issues when left unresolved can create bigger issues and would cost a fortune later on. Fixing a catalytic converter is an expensive affair and one needs to identify a list of options before resolving the issue. This article covers ways to diagnose a problematic catalytic convertor and the cost involved in replacing this significant car component. 

catalytic convertor

What exactly is a ‘Catalytic Converter’? 

Most of the vehicles consist of a device that controls the emissions coming out of them. The primary function of a Catalytic convertor is to eradicate toxic gases and pollutants generated by internal combustion and transform them into less toxic substances. When you look at a catalytic convertor closely you will notice a honeycomb structure made up of 3 different elements including Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. The harmful gases go through these elements and are less toxic than before.

 Catalytic convertor

How to Determine that the Converter has Gone Bad?

Issues with catalytic converters happen very rarely. Poor working of spark plug or electric valve aligned with the converters is an impediment in its smooth working. Don’t ignore if you suspect any red flags listed as follows: 

Car’s Check Engine Light is On 

If you notice an illuminated check engine note that there is some serious trouble with the car’s converter. New engines have oxygen and air ratio sensors to determine the pollution-fighting capabilities of the converter. 

The gas levels are generally monitored and alerts are produced by the computer from time to time. Rattling Noise Produced by the Engine The better the quality of super-rich fuel the more damaged and worn out the honeycomb converter becomes. The pieces come out and rattling sounds which you will encounter the moment you start the car. Try not to neglect these issues as they could get worse over time. 

Filling Up the Tank Quite Often 

If you fill up the tank quite often poor fuel efficiency is the possible reason be.No matter how big your tank is you are spending a hefty amount of money and filling up a clogged converter with more build-up. 

Exhaust Filled with Rotten Egg Smell 

Hydrogen Peroxide is the primary component that gives rise to rotten egg smell in the exhaust. It is generally converted into Sulphur Dioxide to eliminate the odor. If the catalytic converter isn’t working as per your expectations it bad odor starts coming out in the form of ‘Hydrogen Peroxide’. 

Degraded Performance of Car Accelerator 

At times carbon gets deposited in the Honeycomb design of the converter ultimately resulting in malfunctioning. Furthermore, it leads to partial blockage thereby affecting the vehicle’s performance. Internal combustion engines depend on airflow for their functioning which is generally hindered by blocked converters. Reduction in airflow means less power and degraded performance of the accelerator. 

Reasons Behind the Failure of a Catalytic Converter 

Catalytic Converter doesn’t have many parts and is expected to work efficiently in the long run. However, this is impossible as even the most technologically advanced parts don’t work optimally after a certain time. Below are the major causes behind the failure of the catalytic converter: Oxygen sensor not working appropriately. Issues with spark plugs or wires. Oil or unburned fuel getting inside the exhaust. Antifreeze leakage taking place in the exhaust. Are you able to drive with a poor Converter? The driving possibilities can depend on the way it is plugged in the vehicle. Your vehicle would still work despite being slightly clogged and in turn, would reduce the gas mileage. A completely clogged converter would impede the movement of the vehicle. 

How Costly is the Replacement of the Catalytic Converter? 

The cost of replacing a catalytic convertor depends on several factors listed as follows: 

Making and Model of the Vehicle 

If you own a 90s model the cost of replacing a converter would be low compared to the one purchased in the 2000s.You might be spending a few bucks or end up spending a lot of money on replacements. 

Labour Charges 

The labor charges of the Catalytic converter lies between $70 to $130 an hour. The time taken to replace the car is also kept into account and differs in every car. It also depends on placement, accessibility, and the course of action the mechanic is going to take to bring its working to normal. 

Replacement Unit’s Quality 

Every catalytic converter is unique. The universal fit costs around $100 while for the on-demand ones you need to pay $1000 or more. They are generally distinguished based on their internal design. On one hand, they are made of catalyst metals including Palladium and Rhodium. In the case of others, you would find these metals in low density and fail quite often. The catalyst density of costly units is 6 times more than its counterparts. The best way to get an estimate is to consult a mechanic, obtain quotes, compare and get it replaced. 

How to Diagnose and Fix Other Catalytic Convertor Issues? 

Besides all the concerns mentioned above  other issues might hinder the functioning of the catalytic converter. Only a reliable mechanic can identify and offer the optimum solution to the problem. Extra charges would be imposed for fixing them.

The Bottom Line 

You won’t experience any hassles while driving your vehicle during catalytic converter issues. Ignoring these issues would damage the engine, fixing it would cost you an arm and a leg. Get a free replacement estimate to ensure the smooth working of the vehicle in the years to come. 

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