How Much Does an AC Recharge Cost?


There is nothing more disappointing than turning on the AC of the car and it starts blowing hot air. It is futile to get angry and determine the underlying cause of the issue to get it resolved. This issue isn’t as complex as it appears and can be resolved using proper tools and guidance.

You can perform this job on your own with an AC recharge kit and save lots of bucks but ensure that it is carried out properly. If there is a serious issue such as low refrigerant seeking assistance from the experts would be the best course of action.

What Exactly Does AC Recharging Stand For?

Every vehicle with AC requires maintenance from time to time. We often consult dealership shops for routine maintenance tasks who hook up the vehicle with a machine that eliminates the refrigerant and gives a vacuum supply at the same time.

Don’t forget to identify the system for leaks and check its vacuum holding ability for a while. Adding more refrigerant to the vehicle would be a temporary solution to the problem. The refrigerant would escape if there are leaks in the AC.

If you are planning to do it yourself you need to buy a refrigerant-based on your model along with a vacuum pump and manifold gauge set. You can purchase an AC recharge kit from a reliable store offering quality products such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’.

Common Symptoms of an AC Recharge

Common Symptoms of an AC Recharge
  1. Air conditioning vents aren’t releasing cold air.
  2. Fog doesn’t go away from the windshield even after the climate control has been turned to defrost.

When Is The Ideal Time To Get Car AC Recharge?

Car AC Recharge
  • The first sign of a problematic AC is that it starts blowing hot air even after turning the temperature setting to ‘cool’.AC loses the refrigerant within a short time and frequent leakage is the main issue.
  • Ensure that proper pressure is supplied to the system and overcharging must be avoided at all costs.
  • Take extra caution in the case of new systems such as R-1234yf which doesn’t need large amounts of refrigerants(below 6oz) as overcharging could lead to system failure.
  • If you still notice warm air coming out after a few weeks, a leak is a primary reason behind it. A lot of things attached to the AC can cause leaks so scheduling regular maintenance could save you from costly repairs in the coming years.
  • After covering 100,000 miles in your vehicle your air conditioning system needs servicing.
How Much Exactly Does it Cost to Recharge an AC?

The AC recharge cost isn’t as costly as you may think. Maintenance would extend the life of the compressor so must be maintained after every season. The price range of AC recharge carried out by the professionals ranges between $150 to $300 keeping the make and model of the vehicle into account. Refrigerant losses occur every now and then so must be made a prominent part of the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. The vehicle must undergo maintenance after completing 100,000 miles.

Alternatively, you can invest in a recharge kit that would cost between $40-$60 and fix this issue by yourself. Before performing the maintenance task by yourself make sure that you know the root cause of the problem. There is a huge distinction between getting the issue resolved from a mechanic shop and doing it on your own.

Can you Do the Recharging Work by Yourself?
Recharging Work by Yourself
  • Recharging tasks aren’t as difficult as they seem to be. It is generally followed by intensive research and the entire procedure must be carried out safely and properly.
  • Every vehicle has a unique refrigerant. Know whether your vehicle has R-134 or R-1234yf or has been transformed into R-12.After that get a recharge kit with a refrigerant, a dispensable from a pressurized weighing between 12 to 22 ounces, and in several cases, it has a reusable recharge hose fitted with an inline pressure gauge. A pressure gauge ensures that an appropriate amount of refrigerant is delivered by measuring the existing levels.
  • Most cans come with a charging hose attached and the use of a proper manifold hose is highly recommended to obtain exact measurements on your system. The recharge kit comes with instructions to make sure that they are followed while performing the servicing tasks on your own.
How Often Should You Get It Recharged?

Car AC doesn’t need regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. However, if you notice the rubber seals drying up and wearing out or the refrigerant getting out within a short time. Over time the components would start failing so recharging should be the first step as it is cheap and simple. It helps the AC work the way it should.

Potential Problems Due to Overcharging
Potential Problems Due to Overcharging

Once you have taken the plunge to perform the tasks on your own the recharge kit is there to provide the guidance you need. Adding refrigerant in excess could overcharge the AC system. The system won’t be able to keep the car temperatures cool and the system starts releasing warm air. Don’t assume that the low functioning AC with low refrigerant is always the case and inspect it thoroughly before arriving at the conclusion.

In case of overcharging it would be best to take the vehicle to the mechanic instead of resolving the issue on your own. The mechanic would fix the issue by filling the vehicle with the appropriate amount of refrigerant. If you know the ins and outs of the job, perform the car AC recharge on your own.

Wrapping Up

Don’t go beyond the estimated amount while getting the AC recharged. If you have sound knowledge of the recharge process do it on your own by investing in an AC recharge kit. Otherwise, take it to the mechanic to bring the AC back to its normal working.

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