How Automotive Gas Struts Work?


Gas struts, also known as lift supporters or lift struts, are an integral component installed in cars, trucks, and many other things. They are available in various styles and has helped several automotive and non-automotive component run smoothly. This article discusses the detailed automotive gas struts working  & their role in the vehicle.

Why We Need Gas Struts?

One of the effortless ways of opening trunks, hoods, tailgates, and hatches are by using gas struts. This has been attached to the car’s body via clips and screws. It comes with a pushrod that compresses when stretched away from the holder. The market comprises two primary kinds of struts: the pneumatic and the electric ones. The working of both struts is similar; they depend on gas pressure within the piston-type cylinder. Automotive gas struts are distinguished based on the following parameters:

  • The power is supplied by a pressurized gas system that works without any power cord in pneumatic struts.
  • Electric struts have a 12V battery, and purchasing it would burn a hole in your pocket as electric motors are costly.

Important Note: These two types of struts can be distinguished based on where they receive power from. In other words, whether they’re receiving external pressure or not. On the other hand, Pneumatic cylinders don’t need any wiring and have an inexpensive installation that is carried out effortlessly.

How Gas Struts Generates Force?

The air within the chamber is compressed, and the struts produce force. The gas comes out from the other end by pressing one end of the strut, and an opposing force is released in return. The more pressure you apply, the more air would be compressed by the system that exits from the return valve, creating a vacuum that puts the piston where it was. This process happens rapidly as the air molecules have been tightly packed with each other. Gas struts have seals around the chambers to prevent leakage or fluid loss.

Gas Struts as Dampers

Gas struts are often used as dampers and provide soft and smooth control to objects in motion. This gas is compressed using external force than internal pressure. The common applications of gas struts are rearview mirrors that remain unaffected during sudden movements.

Store & Release Energy Using Gas Struts

Gas struts store energy as compressed air and are found in most vehicles. Compressed air has high pressure when released; the kinetic energy present within it is used to move objects such as a hood, trunk, or liftgate. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing gas struts is it responds rapidly to pressure changes and lasts longer before it needs more pressurized air is added to it.

How Does the Gas Remain Within the Strut?

The gas remains within the struts for a while and doesn’t leak. This has been possible due to the nozzle that allows air entry and exit from the system. One valve opens, and the other closes as the pressure alter. In this way, when the load is applied, the gas enters & exits from the strut to compensate for changes.

Application of Gas Struts

Application of Gas Struts

Gas struts are an efficient and effective way to render the performance needed by the lift support. These are often integrated in-car hoods, trunks, doors, rear windows, and tailgates and safeguard them as the need arises. Getting the ins and outs of the struts would help you understand issues due to poorly working struts and perform strut replacement when needed poorly.

When It’s Time to Perform Gas Struts Replacement & Its Cost?

Gas Struts Replacement & Its Cost

If the struts have undergone wear and tear, damages, or have stopped working completely, it’s time to perform gas strut replacement. Problematic gas struts would inhibit the performance of the car.

The average car gas strut cost generally falls between $450-$900.The cost of the individual strut is between $150-$300.The labor cost is between $150-$300.To calculate the cost of 4 struts multiplied by 2 to determine the cost of each strut. However, you can save money by getting these parts at nominal rates from ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that brings authentic gas struts to you.

The Bottom Line

Automotive Gas struts are integral components with automotive and non-automotive applications. Determine the strut replacement cost and install the new one if it meets your budget needs.

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