How Long Does Gasoline Last(Tank & Container)?

Gasoline doesn’t come with an expiry date. This is why it is difficult to determine the gasoline engine’s lifespan. Gasoline engine gets old rapidly and this aspect is going to minimize their efficiency. The main thing is how long can you store it in the container. This article covers everything related to gasoline longevity and ways to incorporate to keep it as it is in the long run:

How Long Does Gasoline Last?

On average gasoline lasts for 8 months in a sealed container and three to six months within the car’s tank. The lifespan of diesel fuel is two times longer than gas which is between 6 to 12 months. According to the experts, you can keep gasoline inside a sealed container for about 6 months. As gasoline sits longer it leads to oxidation and degradation thereby making the fuel lose its combustibility. Gasoline added to the car must be used within a month after it has been pumped. Gasoline would remain as it is for 3 to 5 months when added to the fuel tank. If you own a diesel engine you can expect the fuel to last for 6 to 12 months.

How to Determine that the Gas is Bad?

It is simple to diagnose fuel placed within the container of the vehicle. As the gas starts aging you will notice a change in its appearance. If the gasoline starts looking darker than before or gives a sour odor it is time to dispose of it. It is difficult to see gas present inside the engine. As it ages its properties and composition starts aging. The engine would experience difficulties will processing the fuel and notice rough idling and stalling during acceleration. You would also experience issues while starting the engine.

In certain cases, you’ll notice an illuminating check engine light. In this situation, you have to take the gasoline out of the system before it impacts the motor in detrimental ways. Also, the ethanol fuel creates more water vapor and leads to corrosion when left as it is.

How to Prevent Fuel From Going Bad?

Purchase it when Required

Prevent Fuel

It is futile to fill the fuel tank to its capacity if you’re not going to use it. A full tank minimizes the water condensation within the tank to make the gasoline last longer. However, while you’re heading for a trip ensure that the tank is filled upto its maximum capacity.

Visit Reputed Stations

Why stand in the long queues at the gas station ensure that you associate with the one that is busy. Visit the gas stations where customers come regularly and the fuel supply is fresh. If you want to save money visit the gas station during off-hours. You will get fresh gas without standing in long queues.

Secure the Gas Cap

The Gas cap will keep the contaminants and water away from the fuel. A cracked or missing gas cap will leave the system unprotected. A bad gas cap is accompanied by an illuminating check engine light. The gas cap can be fixed effortlessly and will cost a few dollars.

Take Advantage of Fuel Stabilizer

 Fuel Stabilizer

If you want to store the car take advantage of the high-quality fuel stabilizer. You can take advantage of the additives when the fuel starts getting bad. Take a stabilizer, fill the gas tank and eliminate the contents present at the top of the car. Drive your car for about 10 mins before storing it within the system so that it moves throughout the system. Using the right stabilizer you can stretch the lifespan of the gasoline by several years.

How to Get Rid of Old Gas?

It is important to contact the waste disposal center or a government agency regarding waste disposal. While giving it to the facility make sure that it is placed within an approved and labeled container.

The Bottom Line

Don’t dump the gasoline in the drain and use proper containers. Not disposing of the gasoline would lead to groundwater contamination or a fire hazard. Dispose of old gas properly and top up your car with quality fuel.

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