How Much Do Control Arms Cost?

How Much Do Control Arms Cost

 A control arm is an integral part of a vehicle’s suspension system that connects the steering rack with the wheels. After a while, the control arm undergoes wear and tear and becomes unstable. Therefore, like other car parts, this car component must be thoroughly inspected and control arm replacement must be performed if necessary.

Types of Control Arm

Control arms are divided into two basic types. The control arm price depends on the type of arm installed in the vehicle. Each one of them has been discussed as follows:

Strut Type Suspension


The strut-type suspension is an independent front suspension present in most automobiles. It consists of a single lower control arm present at every wheel, and the upper control arm is the strut that holds the entire weight. This kind of control arm is present in both front and rear suspension, specifically at the front. It has a simple design, lightweight and inexpensive manufacturing costs makes it the most preferred choice of present-day automobiles.

Double Wishbone Suspension


A suspension system with dual control arms falls under the category of double-wishbone suspension. These are generally found in sports cars, high-end performance vehicles, cars, and trucks. This is so because it offers better handling and control.

Stamped Steel Control Arms


Stamped steel control arms are an integral part of cars. These undergo corrosion quite often and are generally installed in cheap cars.

Cast Iron Control Arms


Modern and heavy-duty vehicles generally have cast-iron control arms because they function better in extreme weather and don’t undergo rust. These are generally installed in front suspensions, and the strong nature of cast iron makes it the most preferred choice for vehicle steering and handling.

Cast Aluminium Control Arms


Cast aluminum control arms are sturdy and adopt light mechanisms. The aluminum present in these arms undergoes wear and tear due to its soft nature.

Signs of a Bad Control Arm


Over time, the bushings, joints, and other control arm components become worn out or fail completely. Inspect the control arm for the following signs and get the control arm replacement from the mechanic:

Clunking Noise

The clunking noise is the first sign you’ll suspect with a bad control arm. These take place near the wheels and will be noticed while driving on the hills or uneven surfaces.

Vehicle Pulling on Either Side of the Road

If your vehicle starts pulling on either side of the road, the car wheel requires alignment. In case the wheels have an alignment issue. The control arm is the root cause of the issue. If the bushing falls apart, the arms will swing loosely at a place. It also produces clunking sound, and the vehicle starts moving towards either side based on the problematic control arm.

Vibrations While Moving

The goal of control arms is to reduce vibrations and enrich the driving experience. As they go bad, they are unable to perform their task efficiently. As a consequence, you would notice the chassis bottom shaking or vibrations in the steering wheel while driving.

Visual Damage

It is impossible to see control arms while standing near your vehicle. It is better to lift the vehicle and check the suspension of every wheel. There is an A-shaped component connecting the spring and strut to the chassis.

No matter the underlying cause, get details about the control arm replacement price before fixing the issue.

How Much Does Control Arm Cost?

The average control arm cost lies between $500-$700 and, in certain cases, can go up to $1000.Get from ”The Auto Parts Shop” if you are looking for an inexpensive and quality control arm for your vehicle. The car store brings a wide range and durable car parts to you.

The Bottom Line

A failed control arm might impair the smooth working of the vehicle. Get a control arm replacement and help your vehicle run smoothly on the road.

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