How Much Do AC Compressor Repairs Cost & Replacing Car Air Conditioning Units


AC is a blessing in disguise for those who commute in hot weather.Behind the smooth working of this device lies an AC unit which is a combination of various components: the compressor driven by the engine, an expansion valve that controls the movement of refrigerant and two exchangers, the evaporator and the condenser.Hot air coming out of an AC unit becomes a cause of concern for the driver. There could be issues with the car AC unit, which is making the ride difficult for you. The AC unit comprises various components: the compressor driven by the engine, an expansion valve that controls the movement of refrigerant and two exchangers, the evaporator and the condenser. The mechanic would inspect the AC and replace the problematic units to make them work the way they used to earlier. This article contains information about car AC units and gives complete information about the AC compressor repair cost.

Components of Car AC

Several components work together to provide cool air inside the vehicle. Let us get insights about each one of them:


A car without a compressor is like a pen without ink. It is responsible for blowing cool air inside the car. It performs four primary functions:

  1. Pressurizing refrigerant to generate cool air.
  2. Monitoring temperature changes within and outside the vehicle.
  3. Monitor and check temperature output.
  4. Transfers air to the condenser.



The condenser is generally located at the front of the radiator and is also known as ‘Mini Radiator’.The compressor puts pressure on the refrigerant; it starts minimizing the temperature and pressure of hot gases released by the compressor. This AC unit is responsible for moving cool liquid refrigerant to the receiver or accumulator.

Receiver/Dryer or Accumulator

The decision of purchasing a receiver/dryer or accumulator depends on the model of the car. A receiver/dryer consists of a thermal expansion valve. On the other hand, the accumulator has the office tube. The receiver/dryer generally performs the segregation of gas from the liquid. The liquid entry within the compressor is prevented as it damages the compressor. The compressor usually works on gases instead of liquids. The accumulator regulates the amount of refrigerant that goes within the evaporator. It keeps excess refrigerant and keeps moisture and contaminants away from the unit.

Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube


The thermal expansion value uses a dryer/receiver while the Orifice tube uses the accumulator. It is also known as a thermal expansion valve that lies between the condenser and evaporator. It generally handles the amount of temperature and pressure entering the system. Also, it calculates the actual amount of refrigerant passing through the evaporator.


The cool and refreshing air you get on entering the vehicle has only been possible due to the evaporator. This component lies behind the dashboard. The air getting inside the refrigerant is cooled before it enters the cabin of the car.

Compressor Repair Vs Replacement: Which is a Better Alternative?


Replacing an AC unit is a better option than repairs as it improves the vehicle’s cost, time, and overall efficiency. The car AC unit replacement will benefit you in the following ways:

Multiple Failure of Same Equipment

If the equipment is experiencing downtime several times, its shelf life is about to end or has completely failed.AC unit replacement would be a better alternative over multiple repairs.

The Equipment is Obsolete and Unable to Meet Energy Standards

The new models offer more energy than the previous models. If a piece of equipment fails quite often, car AC unit replacement is a better option than frequent repairs.

Equipment Breakdown Due to Overwork

If the AC is used regularly and a small compressor unit is installed on it. The unit might stop performing optimally due to overwork. Replacing it with a better option is the best course of action than getting into unnecessary repairs.

Possible Causes of a Poorly Working AC Unit

Several reasons can be held responsible for the poor functioning of the car AC unit listed as follows:

Leaking AC Refrigerant

A car refrigerant is as important as the engine’s oil. The leaks generally occur during the summer season instead of winter as they are used in hot weather. Irregular working, dry seals and low refrigerant levels are the possible reasons for hot air emissions from the refrigerant. Refrigerant loss results in leakage, which is detected using a refrigerant. Determine this car AC unit price and get it replaced for the smooth working of the AC. These issues are checked by the mechanic, who will replace the unit with a new one.

Defective Cooling Fan

A cooling fan is another leading cause behind the malfunctioning car AC unit. A cooling fan is an energy-efficient component that works only when excess heat is to be eliminated from the system. A broken cooling fan would make you compromise as hot air would be released by the system. The cooling fan also breaks with the entry of the contaminants, faulty cooling fan temperature switch, blown fuse or any other electrical problems.

Problems with Condenser or Radiator

A poorly working condenser won’t be able to cool the high-pressure vapours from the refrigerants, thereby resulting in narrow airflow. Debris built up, or breakage is the possible reason behind this issue. In case of defects, the refrigerants start leaking and halt the working of the AC. The condenser with several seals and tubes undergo wear and tear with time. You can easily find the residue, which is oily and greenish in color. 

A broken radiator might throw out the AC drive belt, Freon line, and the wiring, thereby impeding the working of the entire system. The issue is resolved with a new condenser or radiator installation.

Bad AC Compressor 

A defective or poorly working compressor leads to improper cooling or no cooling at all. If cabin temperatures exceed normal or loud sounds taking place due to compressor movements ultimately result in compressor failure. You might notice high-pitched noises in case of interior component failure or sealed bearing seize. Turn the AC unit on and check the working of the clutch switch. Research the car AC unit price(compressor) and replace it with a new one.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems give rise to AC unit issues. It is an outcome of loose connections, damaged wires, blown fuses or broken temperature sensors. Delaying these issues ultimately results in AC built-up, and the damage along with corrosion goes to such an extent that it needs a complete car AC unit replacement.

Repairing an AC Compressor

An AC compressor repair takes place in the following situations:

Repair is Simple and at Surface Level

Despite regular maintenance and updates, failure takes place due to several reasons. It is easy to identify and resolve the issue. The solution won’t give rise to more issues; you can go for repairs as it is a better alternative.

Repairs Can Be Performed With Spare Parts Or Easy To Source Items

If you have spare parts, fixing the issues won’t be a hassle for you.

The Repairs Are Trustworthy And Won’t Give Rise To Bigger Issues 

If you believe that the repairs are the best approach to fix the issue and won’t create bigger issues later on, you can go for it. Repairs would solve the issues temporarily, whereas the AC compressor replacement is the permanent solution to the problem and can help it perform optimally.

The Bottom Line

It is better to go for a complete car AC unit replacement to prevent problems later on. Also, associated with a reputed store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing high-quality affordable AC units to you.

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