Ignoring the Transmission Is Expensive


The Function of Transmission System

Transmission is a crucial and complex car component that pushes the vehicle down the road. Whether you own a manual or an automatic vehicle, it changes the gear and helps you change the speed at regular intervals. Shifting the gears is a must while driving and the task is generally handled by the transmission. Unlike other car parts, the transmission system starts giving issues that need to be resolved by purchasing a new transmission on sale. Ignorance would decrease the fuel economy and prevent the vehicle from moving.

Common Transmission Issues


Check the vehicle for the following symptoms which clearly indicates that there are issues with the transmission system. Get information about the transmission replacement cost and install a new one in your vehicle for its smooth working. The common transmission issues have been listed as follows:

Transmission Won’t Engage Or Remain Within The Gear

If you have set your transmission to gear and it isn’t moving, a possible reason could be low transmission fluid due to leakage or issues with the valve body. New vehicles rely on computers that tell them which gear to choose based on the options. Monitor the computer cautiously and obtain trouble code information.

Poorly Working  Solenoid

The upshifting and downshifting is generally handled by the solenoid, a critical component of the transmission system.Solenoid issues would completely damage the transmission, leading to shifting & pressure issues along with the diagnostic codes.

Have a look at the solenoid for the following signs:

  • Strange shifting patterns.
  • Solenoid not entering the gear.
  • Upshift or downshift problems.
  • Shifting delays.
  • Sipping or flaring shifts.

These solenoids receive signals from the car’s computer telling it about the pressure needs and shifting time & speed. Solenoid is moved 100s of times while driving and is susceptible to wear and tear. It’s time to determine transmission solenoid replacement cost and fix the problematic transmission.

Delayed Shifts or Missed Gears

If the transmission takes time while shifting the gear, it is possibly because of  fluid leak or contamination. Water entry and poor maintenance are also the primary causes behind the issue. This issue may not be serious, but overheating could possibly damage the parts within the vehicle. In certain cases, the computer won’t allow the transmission to move to high gears.

Sipping Transmission or Engine Revving High

One of the possible reasons for slipping transmission or high revving engine is lack of maintenance, water seepage, and wear & tear of parts within the transmission system. A high revving engine clearly indicates that the clutches are wearing out or issues with other transmission system parts.

Leaky Transmission Fluid

If you notice a red fluid under the vehicle, leaky transmission fluid is the possible reason behind it. This is harmful to the transmission and results in fluid leaks on a hot pipe or surface. Have a look at the dipstick to ensure that fluid levels are proper and in optimum condition.

Note: Not every transmission leak is red and cannot be identified using the dipstick method. Thus special tools help to detect the leaks.

Buzzing, Clunking or Humming Sounds

A buzzing, clunking, or roaring sound from the vehicle occurs due to bad bearing, planetary gear damage, or internal issues. Buzzing sound is produced by the bad internal sealing surface, seal, and low transmission fluid due to leaks.

No Power

Despite no or little power, the engine works correctly, which is possibly due to internal transmission issues. Have a look at the trouble code to eliminate the issues.

Check Whether Engine Drive Light or Over Light is On

A check engine light isn’t confined to the engine.A check engine light illuminates due to  transmission problems such as overheating, solenoid issues, speed transmission, slipping transmission, and various other concerns that demand attention. Get trouble codes to identify the root cause of the issue. You will come to know the root cause of the issue and get a new transmission on sale.

Manual Transmission Issues 

You may encounter the following issues in the case of manual transmissions:

Grinding Gears While Shifting

If your manual transmission starts grinding while moving, it is because of wear and tear. At times the possible reason is Transmission fluid which is low, dirty, and the wrong fluid can enter within it.

Clutch Pedals Too High or Low

The linkage or hydraulic systems drive clutches present in the vehicles. Some adjustments or bleeding would resolve the issue to prevent the leaks.

Determine the underlying reason of the issue and transmission replacement cost before fixing the issue on your own or with the assistance of a mechanic.

Neglecting Transmission Issues Leads to Expensive Repairs

Ignoring transmission issues would give rise to bigger issues and expensive repairs. The average repair costs lie between $300 to $1400 and would resolve the issue temporarily. On the contrary, replacements range between $1800-$2400, and the mechanic would separately levy labor charges. Therefore, you can save money by purchasing your own transmission and paying the labor costs to the mechanic.

The Bottom Line

Avoiding transmission issues would lead to more issues and expensive repairs. Resolve the issues the moment you notice them. To get genuine and long-lasting transmission parts from the trusted ‘The Autoparts Shop’.The Auto Parts shop is the best place to buy transmissions at reasonable prices.

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