How to Avoid Expensive Car Repairs?


Expensive car repairs are the last thing that crosses an individual’s mind. Nothing is more upsetting than spending your hard-earned money changing the motor oil or purchasing new tires for the car. This article covers everything related to expensive car repairs and shares some tips that can help you avoid them:

Expensive Auto Repairs

Engine and Cylinder Replacement


One cannot deny the fact that replacing the engine and cylinder costs a fortune. Once the engine blows out, repairs would cost hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. Moving the vehicle would be impossible if attention isn’t given to repairs. The car buyers purchase a new vehicle that burns a hole in their pocket.

Solution: You can prevent this situation by working on your driving skills and get necessary maintenance when the issue takes place. Purchase the parts from the car accessories store and pay the labor charges to the mechanic. It would help you save a lot.

Replacing a Transmission


The power generated by the transmission enters the wheels, thereby helping you drive faster or slower. In the case of automatic vehicles, these shift the gears to control the speed of the vehicle. On the other hand, a manual transmission gives you the chance to move the vehicle to the next gear using a stick and clutch. Transmission repair is a complicated and costly affair but, once done, can last till the lifespan of the car.

Solution: There are alternatives that you can incorporate to prevent expensive repairs. One of them is to stop accelerating promptly or applying brakes very hard or aggressively change the gears. Instead, drive gently and allow the transmission to shift gears smoothly. Also, ensure that the fluid levels are thoroughly inspected and are added based on the make & model of the vehicle.

Changing the Suspension


You need to replace the vehicle’s suspension as repairs would cost you an arm and a leg. Different parts perform their job to ensure their smooth working, and the designs are based on the vehicle you own. Compromises on the suspension system would degrade the quality of your ride, and turning and controlling the vehicle becomes a hassle for you.

The signs of a problematic suspension include knocking or rattling sounds while driving. If you have been facing worn treads or bumpy feelings while moving the vehicle, it is time to take it to the mechanic for necessary repairs.

Solution: Inflate your tires properly as it will absorb shocks and prevent tires from unwanted stress. You can purchase the desired part or the entire suspension from a car accessories shop that brings discounted auto parts to you.

Battery Problems 


You need to pay exorbitantly for a dead battery. It is impossible to drive a vehicle with a dead battery and needs to be towed to the mechanic. If such issues occur during weekends, you’re supposed to pay the rental car fee during repairs.

Solution: The longevity of different batteries is different. In the case of old vehicles, the car won’t start promptly, while the flicker is the only way to determine the end of the battery in the new ones. Try changing your battery after every two years and with a 5-year warranty after every five years.

Head Gasket


The fluid present within the vehicle moves through the engine to prevent it from overheating. Unwanted fluids entering within the engine or oily supply leads to engine failure. A head gasket is usually strong and never needs replacement.

A broken head gasket ultimately results in engine damage and would suspect the following signs:

  1. A coolant or antifreeze leakage occurring below the manifold.
  2. The vehicle’s exhaust is white.
  3. An overheating engine.
  4. Bubbles coming out of the engine coolant reservoir.
  5. Coolant/antifreeze changes quite often while the hose remains intact.

Give attention to your vehicle problems, and you won’t experience such issues in the near future.

Solution: Warm up your engine before taking the car to full speed. Alternatively, you can purchase discount auto parts from online stores to save money from expensive repairs.

The Timing Belt


Modern vehicles come with a timing belt that helps the camshaft and crankshaft move synchronously. The engine movements have been possible due to the timing belt. A worn-out belt shows no signs and symptoms and occurs unexpectedly. All you have is an expensive bill in your hand. A problematic belt would damage other parts of the engine.

Solution: Try to replace the belt after driving the vehicle for 100,000 miles. Repairing the belts won’t solve the issues completely so you must buy a new one from a car accessories store near you.

Fuel Pump


The fuel pump performs the job of delivering gasoline to the carburetor. This is why it is named as ‘Fuel Pump’.Fuel pump issues impede the performance of the vehicle and prevent it from starting. Most of the fuel pumps are long-lasting and sturdy. Proper maintenance makes them last till their lifetime.

Rotor Replacement


Did you know that large pieces of metal behind the wheels are the rotors of your car? They help the wheels spin, and brake pads clamp on rotors to stop the wheels when brakes are applied. The friction releases excessive heat, and the rotors are responsible for eliminating the heat. Over time the edges of the rotor become jagged, pitted, or uneven, leading to uneven or squeaky braking.

Solution: Replacement is the best way to resolve the issue.If you don’t replace them, the rotors won’t absorb friction, and chips & dents appear on the rotor. In case you notice squealing or screeching sounds, get the rotors checked by the mechanic. Enter the vehicle’s make, year, and model while buying rotors from a car accessories store near you.

Camshaft Replacement


The camshaft generally handles the opening and closing of engine valves. Cars consist of four Camshafts and are present behind the cylinders of the engine. These car parts are quite complicated and crucial components of the vehicle. A Camshaft replacement would cost you thousands of dollars, and preventing these issues would save you from issues later on.

Solution: Regular oil change is an ideal approach to save money on expensive repairs. Adding cheap gas to the vehicle would worsen the issues, and consulting the car parts shop online would be a better option.

The Bottom Line

Along with preventive measures, it is vital to get necessary maintenance from the mechanic when needed. Always choose a trusted store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing high-quality and reasonable car parts to you.

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