How Much Does a Throttle Body Cost?


What Exactly is a Throttle Body?


A throttle body is a tube with a pivoting flat valve that regulates the amount of air getting inside the engine. In the case of electronic fuel injection, the communication between the throttle control sensor and airflow sensor occurs, and a certain amount of fluid is supplied to the injectors.

Where Exactly Do you Find the Throttle Body?

The throttle body of the old vehicles is fitted within a carburetor and using mechanical methods and engine vacuum. As the valve opens, large quantities of fuel are delivered. In fuel-injected engines, the throttle body lies between the air filter and air intake manifold. The mechanical connection is established using a cable, while the electronic one is formed using wire.

How Long Does the Throttle Body Last?

There is no specific time limit when the throttle body gets bad. However, you need to clean and replace a throttle body after covering 75,000 miles in your car.

Common Throttle Body Issues

Over time the throttle body might start giving issues. Let’s have a look at the signs of a bad throttle body as follows:

Check the Engine Light

The throttle body consists of angle sensors and other sensors within it. The moment the computer detects issues with the throttle body signal, the engine light starts illuminating. Determine the throttle body price and check the vehicle for trouble codes.

Rough Idling

A car engine moving upwards and downwards accompanied by strange sounds. The possible reason is a dirty or damaged throttle body. The car engine is most sensitive when idle; you’ll encounter a bad or dirty throttle body during this time. Therefore, it is time to find the throttle body cost before making the buying decision.

Rough Acceleration

The throttle body is responsible for handling air to fuel mixture entering the engine. Issues in the throttle body could mix up air to fuel mixture in the engine, resulting in acceleration issues. Too fast or too slow acceleration is possibly due to a bad throttle body.


Misfires occur due to wrong air due to fuel mixture, or a weak spark comes out of the spark plug. In other words, it is due to incomplete combustion within the combustion chamber. A bad throttle body might mess up with air to fuel mixture, ultimately resulting in an engine misfire. These can be easily identified as bumps while you are revving the engine.

High RPM at Idle State

The throttle body holds the engine idle so that it gets steady RPM. Issues with the throttle body ultimately lead to high RPM. The mechanic would identify this issue using diagnostic scanners, and a non-calibrated throttle body can be held responsible for it.

Degraded Engine Performance

The engine needs appropriate amounts of air to fuel levels to perform optimally. An engine not receiving proper supply due to bad throttle will make the engine suffer, and as a consequence, the driver’s performance would be hampered. In case the car loses half power during acceleration which is due to a bad throttle body. Conduct thorough research on throttle body costs before getting a new one for your car.

Is it Possible to Drive with a Bad Throttle Body?


The vehicle would receive limited power or what is termed as ‘Limp Mode’ in other terms. If an illuminated engine light or throttle control warning light doesn’t hamper the engine’s performance, you can continue driving the car. However, In case of issues, get the repairs or throttle body price to avoid all of a sudden breakdown or catalytic convertor issues.

Throttle Body Replacement and Part Cost

The cost of throttle bodies generally lie between $100 to $200.Replacement is not a hassle you just need to be confident about your DIY abilities.If you don’t know how to perform the job on your own consult the mechanic in such case.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Throttle Body Replacement

  1. Several throttle bodies have spring-loaded sensors and plastic sensors that need to be inspected before the installation process. Electronic mechanisms handle these components, and the mechanic performs several tests to determine the issue.
  2. Wiring issues, bad ground, and bad terminal connection clearly indicate that the electronically handled throttle has failed. The mechanic would eliminate other issues before fixing the throttle body.
  3. Special attention must be given while cleaning the throttle body. It must be cleaned using special spray cleaners without damaging other components present in the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

Driving a vehicle with a bad throttle body is a hassle. Do your homework and compare the throttle body price offered by different vendors. The Auto Parts Shop brings genuine and uniquely designed car parts to you.

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