How Much Does a Supercharger Cost?


What is a Supercharger?

A supercharger is basically an air compressor that supplies air to the internal combustion of the engine. More air creates more air to fuel the mixture, thereby resulting in increased power. A vehicle supercharger performs two significant functions listed as follows:

  • It gives more air which creates more air to fuel mixture and surges the horsepower.
  • Superchargers are connected to the crankshaft via belts, chain, and gear.

Who Invented the Superchargers?


Dugald Clerk invented the superchargers in 1968, which became a part of a two-stroke engine. In 1885 the supercharger invented by Gottlieb Daimler became a part of the internal combustion engine. In the present times, they have been used quite often and have undergone several modifications till now. Invest in the best aftermarket superchargers to improve the performance of your car.

Categories of Supercharger

Centrifugal Type Supercharger


Centrifugal type superchargers are generally found in vehicles nowadays. They fall under the category of dynamic superchargers. The connection to the supercharger is established using a crankshaft using a belt pulley system. These come with a pre-installed impeller that works at high speeds and allows air entry within the small compressor housing.

Roots Blower Supercharger


Centrifugal supercharger comes with an impeller, while the roots blower supercharger has lobes in epicycloidal shape. The designs of roots blower supercharger are old now and were a thing of 1985. The working of these chargers is very simple and easy to comprehend.

Twin Screw Superchargers


Twin-screw works in the same way as the root superchargers. Certain superchargers are a part of the engine and generate a lot of sounds. The sound can be handled using sound silencing equipment. They perform better than the root supercharger, and purchasing them would cost an arm and a leg.

Benefits of Superchargers

  1. The ultimate goal of the supercharger is to generate high-power output.
  2. The supercharger supplies air which completes the combustion process, and low smoke is emitted from it.
  3. The vehicle acceleration becomes better with superchargers. The moment the car starts, the supercharger starts thereby giving the car a boost.
  4. The moment the pedals are pushed, the superchargers start. The best part is the superchargers don’t face any lag compared to the turbochargers.
  5. The installation process is very simple and can be placed at the top of the vehicle without any hassle.
  6. The roots and twin screw work optimally at low RPM, while the centrifugal one works at high RPM.
  7. The smoke released by the exhaust is comparatively less.

Common Supercharger Issues

Over time superchargers undergo wear and tear, leading to failure. Check the supercharger for the following symptoms and get an idea about the supercharger replacement price before replacing it with a new one:

Ticking Sound Produced by the Motor 

It would be impossible to notice a worn-out supercharger belt without a thorough inspection. The motor starts producing a ticking sound as the belt starts hitting the belt guard or other pulleys that give power to the superchargers. If you suspect sounds from the supercharger, ensure that you check the frays, strings, or excess rubber that might have come out of the supercharger.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Present-day vehicles have superchargers that use a supercharger belt to make the rotators move inside. This generates high-volume air that mixes with fuel and generates copious amounts of horsepower. Issues with the belt would hamper the working of the supercharger. This is a “Rich Fuel” condition that ultimately leads to fuel wastage. Get the supercharger inspected by the mechanic; if the condition is severe, get information about the supercharger cost before replacing it with a new one.

Sudden Loss in Power

When the supercharger belt breaks all of a sudden, the supercharger stops spinning completely. The turning of screws or blades halts all of a sudden, the air won’t enter the manifold, and a copious amount of horsepower will be released by the engine. At times, issues with the supercharger belt would fill the engine with raw fluid, resulting in complete shutdown.

These warning signs clearly indicate that there are belt issues and need attention from you. Delaying the issues would impair the vehicle’s smooth working, and it’s time to replace the old supercharger with the best aftermarket supercharger.

Why Does a Supercharger Fail?

Overfilling is the most prominent reason behind supercharger failure. Never fill a supercharger with an excessive amount of oil. Consulting the mechanic would be the best course of action in such a case.

How Much Does Supercharger Replacement Cost?

A supercharger replacement is a costly affair. The supercharger replacement costs generally fall between $450-$550 when performed by an auto repair shop near you. The price includes the parts, labor, and postage. However, you can purchase the part at an affordable price from a reliable store, ‘The Auto Part Shop,’ at nominal rates.

The Bottom Line

Just like other car parts, the superchargers would start giving issues. It is time to identify the reason and find the best aftermarket supercharger to help the internal combustion perform optimally.

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