How Much Does a Chevy Cruze Catalytic Converter Cost?


Chevrolet cruze is the kind of car that goes beyond the imagination of a car enthusiast.It was devised to deliver and meet the demands of the present generations.The features of the car including improved fuel efficiency,the ingenious technology and ample space sets it apart from others present in the market.The car is sold by attaching a catalytic converter to it and starts giving issues over time.The dashboard of the vehicle shows OBDII code in case of a problematic catalytic converter.Driving a vehicle with a bad catalytic converter would give rise to more issues and pay the actual worth by determining the chevy cruze catalytic converter price before replacing it with a new one.

What’s the Exact Location of the Chevrolet Cruze Catalytic Converter?


The actual location of the Chevrolet Cruze depends on the model, year, and engine size of the car. Finding it won’t be a hassle for you. It is generally present between the tailpipes and intake manifolds. They are surrounded by a heat shield and an oxygen sensor is present ahead of them. It is mandatory to keep the catalytic converter before the muffler. It is difficult to distinguish between a catalytic converter and a muffler for most of us. The converter is generally bolted or welded to resume its normal working.

How to Identify a Bad Catalytic Converter?


A chevy cruze catalytic converter experiences failure in rare cases.Factors such as time and number of miles covered impede the working of the catalytic converter.The signs of a bad catalytic converter have been listed as follows and needs chevy cruze catalytic converter replacement:

  1. MPG Surfers:A reduction in exhaust flow speed leads to reduction in gas mileage.
  2. Illuminating Service Engine Light:The vehicle manufactured in the past 20 years will definitely have an OBD II computer in it.This is basically a trouble code which indicates that it’s time to check and fix the cruze emission system.
  3. Inability to Start:Too much clogging in the catalytic converter will make the cruze airflow deficit.
  4. Dark exhaust smoke released by the vehicle.
  5. Smell of a rotten egg coming out of the car.
  6. No throttle response while speeding the vehicle:If you suspect that the cruze is unable to operate faster than a certain speed this is possibly due to failing catalytic converter.

Chevy Cruze Catalytic Converter Price

The chevy Cruze Catalytic converter price is a significant factor that must be kept in mind before buying a new one.The cost of the catalytic converter depends on the model,year and engine size.Buying a catalytic converter is an expensive affair and are stolen quite often.The cost of the catalytic converters is above $100 and could go upto several hundred dollars.The catalytic converter issues can be resolved using welding but that doesn’t mean that the issues won’t come again.The cost of the latest model goes upto $1000 when the entire task is performed.You can save money on catalytic converters by purchasing the part from a well-established car parts store ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that brings uniquely designed,tested and reasonable car parts to you.

The Bottom Line

Catalytic converter issues are generally accompanied by P0420 error.Ignoring the issues would give rise to other issues and chevy cruze catalytic converter replacement cost can escalate up to several dollars.Purchase a car part and pay only for the labor charges and ride smoothly on road.

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