How Much Do Car Parts Cost with Valuable Cost Data on Common Auto Parts & Labor?


Automobile technology is growing at a fast pace. Due to rapid advancements, relocation from one place to another has become easier than ever. All this is due to cars that take us to places and has made our lives easier than before. Behind the smooth working of the car lies car spare parts that work together to make your ride smooth and safe. These parts undergo wear and tear or stop working completely. Ignoring these issues impairs the car’s working, and driving with a problematic part can be quite dangerous. Another thing that must be considered before installing a new car part in your vehicle is the car parts replacement cost to pay the exact price of the parts.

Car Spare Parts Cost Estimates

Engine and Cylinders


A blown-out engine is a serious car problem. By the time you don’t resolve these issues, you are carrying a big burden on your shoulders. Repairs would resolve the issues temporarily, and the average cost of the new one falls between $7000 to $10,000.The best money-saving approach is to purchase it from an online store selling it at affordable prices and perform the replacement tasks independently.

Fuel Injectors


A fuel injector is basically an electrically regulated valve. It receives pressurized fuel from the fuel pump and opens & closes numerous times in seconds. The amount of fuel supply is generally determined by the time during which the injector stays open. It is known as pulse width, often managed by the ECU.

The primary goal of fuel injectors is to supply a certain amount of fluid to the combustion engine. Poorly working fuel injector results in leaks and at times makes the exhaust dirty. Such situations prevail 2 to 3 times, and you end up paying $500 as the car parts replacement cost.     

Timing Belt


It’s both elastic and stays intact for years; it offers excellent support to help the engine run smoothly. It consists of two surfaces: the outside area, which is smooth from the outside and harsh from the inside. The connection between the two parts can be established using this belt. When it’s new, you can see that in the drive that it gets smooth and comfortable. A problematic belt would hamper the performance of other vehicles of the car, and the car parts replacement cost goes up to $500.

Head Gasket   

Head Gasket prevents coolant leaks or engine fluid from accumulating within the cylinder. It is impossible to bear the head gasket issues. As a consequence, the cylinder wears out, and the engine becomes weak. This is a serious car issue that needs attention as the piston is stuck in the cylinder and air leaks occur in the car. If the car isn’t performing as expected, know that there are issues with the head gasket. You may notice smoke popping from the engine and would notice a “Check Engine” signal on the dashboard. The gasket needs to be replaced 4 to 5 times during its lifespan. The part isn’t expensive, but the labor adds more charges, and the complete car spare part cost surges to $2000.



If you don’t change the oil regularly, it fills with contaminants and cannot draw the outside air within the engine. It works in the same ways as lungs present in the human body, and the entire process is completely labor-intensive. Negligence would deplete your savings to a great extent.

Diesel Particulate Filter

Catalytic Converter


The catalytic converter converts the harmful gases released from the vehicle into less toxic substances. A poorly working catalytic converter won’t help you pass the emission test and impede the smooth working of the car. Catalytic converter replacements are quite costly, and the average cost is $1500.Get the desired part from an online store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ at reasonable rates and pay the labor charges to the mechanic.



It is impossible to turn the car without the transmission. Whether you are heading towards work, grocery store, and getting back home becomes impossible for you. Neglecting the issues would get you into costly repairs in the near future.

Diesel Particulate Filter


The role of capturing and storing exhaust soot has only been possible due to diesel particulate filters. The diesel emissions have been regulated by the diesel particulate filter. The filters have a finite capacity so it needs to be emptied or burned off and DPF is taken out of it. The diesel particulate filter cost falls between $2000-$4000.

Air Bags


A minor collision discharges the airbags, and it’s time for those who come across such situations to start searching for the Diesel Particulate Filter.

Engine Control Unit


You might have heard a lot of technical experts saying that resolving car issues is a complex task. This is true as the car computer consists of various components. There is nothing you can do about it, and it needs to be resolved for the smooth working of the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

The car body parts cost depends on the part type and the model of the vehicle. Instead of shelling out money on replacements, compare the prices offered by the online stores and purchase quality auto parts at affordable rates. Enter the make, year and model of the vehicle and get the desired car part within a day with ‘The Auto Parts Shop’.

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