How Much Does A Headlight Assembly Cost?


Headlights are the most significant car component that helps us drive smoothly in the dark and prevents them from life-threatening situations such as road accidents. The headlight combines light bulbs, reflective mirrors, and electrical wires that take the current from one place to another. The car’s protective surface is made of glass and plastic that was incorporated in vehicles in the past. The present-day vehicles have polycarbonate plastic that gives focus to the beam and helps it reach far. Let’s have a look at the popular headlights installed in the car these days:

Halogen Headlights

Halogen Headlights

Halogen lights are the basic technology in headlights. It has been incorporated in present-day vehicles as it is quite inexpensive and is basically an amalgamation of Tungsten filament and halogen gas that produces bright yellow light. The more the temperature of the filament, the more will be the brightness of the light. High temperature supplied at constant levels leads to wear and tear of the halogen headlights, and it’s time to determine the aftermarket headlight assembly cost before planning for a replacement.



High-intensity discharge, commonly abbreviated as HID, operates on Xenon gas and has been a part of the vehicles for a long time. The best quality of Xenon lights is that they stay cooler and illuminate in a better way and thus have a greater lifespan than other headlight counterparts present in the market. Xenon lights are placed like a projector inside the vehicle. Unfortunately, Xenon has some delays and takes some time to attain full brightness. If the entire headlight has worn out, it’s time to get a new one but don’t forget to compare the Xenon headlight assembly cost of different websites.

LED Headlights


LED lights are the most popular and effective way to illuminate the vehicle. They have become an integral part of electronic appliances and mobile phones. LED headlights have a longer lifespan compared to other forms of headlights present in the market. It is generally found in popular car brands present in the market. After a period of 5 to 10 years, the LED headlights start giving issues and must be resolved. The mechanic would inspect the condition of your headlight and pay the actual price by determining the car headlight assembly cost well in advance.

LASER Headlights


LASER technology is the latest car technology that has dominated the market. It is the laser instead of electricity to excite the gas-producing photons. These lights are versatile and in different shapes and produce 1000 times energy output at a fraction of the energy cost. This has now become the most popular trend in headlight technology and obtain the estimated quote and headlight assembly cost before replacing the old headlight.

Daytime Running Lights


DRL has no illumination of its own and helps to make the vehicle more visible. All this has been possible due to  Audi and BMW; these lights are able to dominate the market and have left no stone unturned in keeping the vehicle safe for you.

Symptoms of a Problematic Headlights


Below are the symptoms of faulty headlights that demand attention:

Dim Headlights

Dim headlights are the first warning sign which indicates that the headlights have gone bad or failed. Over time the bulbs start wearing out and start getting dimmer than the ones you got when you bought the new one. A bulb not providing proper light clearly indicates that the bulb is near its end life and must be replaced for smooth driving to occur.

Flickering Headlights

Another symptom of bad or failing headlights is the flickering issue which is generally accompanied by burnout. The bulb filaments wear out or have a bad harness connection due to which this issue takes place. Therefore, it is better to inspect these issues and determine the headlight assembly cost before planning a replacement.

Headlights Start Coming Out

Driving the vehicle during harsh weather or in the dark becomes a hassle when the headlights start coming out. Regular working makes the headlights burn out and halts their smooth working. A headlight out clearly indicates that the headlight has burnt out, and the issue needs to be resolved before it puts your life in danger. It is important to note that the replacement must be performed in pairs as the opposite one is about to wear out if one of them has already stopped working.

The Headlight Assembly Cost

It is impossible to predict the headlight assembly replacement cost without having an idea of the car’s make, year, and model. The labor time is generally calibrated based on various parameters, including whether one headlight is to be replaced or both of them, the type of headlight installed on the assembly, and how easily the headlight assembly comes out. Certain things consume more labor time and escalate the cost of headlight assembly repair.

How to Save Money on Headlight Assembly Cost?

Get an idea of the headlight assembly replacement cost before surprising your car with a new one. Alternatively, you can buy the car part from the online store and pay the mechanic for the labor charges. If you have sound mechanical knowledge, install them on your own and save more money.

The Bottom Line

Your faulty car won’t look good and function well in the dark or harsh weather. Get headlight replacement from the mechanic, and don’t forget to keep the headlight assembly kit cost into account to give your car a proper look and feel.

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