How Much Does A Ford Bumper Cost?


Ford isn’t just another car brand, but it has become a preferred choice of millions of Americans. Behind the success of the Ford cars lies a story and a long history which most of us have heard or read. The car brand is quite reliable, robust, and powerful engines have been integrated. Therefore, we can say that it’s a muscle car in the true sense. However, despite so many exciting features, one issue has become a cause of concern which is the Ford Bumper.

Let’s have a look at the exclusive features of the car and Ford Bumper issues that have been impairing the smooth working of the car as follows:

Safety Features

Ford vehicles have been committed to offering a safe driving experience to motorists. The car comes with top-notch safety features, which makes it the safest choice of all listed as follows:

Curve Control

The car’s advanced track and RSC system inform the driver while his speed exceeds a certain limit. If the car notices that the vehicle is going too fast at a curve, it takes the responsibility of slowing it down by 10 miles.

Cross-Traffic Alert in Rear Sensors

If there is traffic within 45 miles, the car alerts the driver there and then. In addition, indicator lights present on the side view mirror illuminate also gives drivers warning on computer.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Every day several accidents take due to poorly inflated tires. The driver receives an alert the moment pressure in any tire plummets. This not only prevents car accidents but increases the longevity of the tires.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature adjusts the speed and distance of the car according to the vehicle which is ahead. It will reduce the vehicle’s speed by bringing it to a preset distance, and the speed would be the same as before once the traffic on the road clears.

Ford Bumper Issues & Complaints


Bumper Issues of 2001 Ford Focus

One of the user complaints was related to bumper issues in 2001 in which bumper plastic rattled and the tailpipe collided with the bumper resulting in rattling sounds. The dealer resolved this issue by keeping a rubber spacer lying amid the bumper and the body. Unfortunately, the bumper came down and was hitting the tailpipe more as the rubber spacer came out all of a sudden. The dealer concluded that it was a manufacturing defect and the issue could be resolved by consulting a qualified mechanic performing Ford Bumper Replacement near me.

Ford Focus 2002 Bumper Issues

One of the users faced bumper issues with the Ford Focus 2002 model, which consists of a decor panel. At one point, the rear end of the car collided with another, and the plastic came out. The user also noticed that the tail light assembly of the car was broken.

Bumper Issues of Ford Focus 2000

Ford Focus 2000 was an impressive model, according to the users. One of the users faced a bumper issue that changed his notion about the car. The front end of the Ford Focus came out. The dealer addressed the issues, who revealed that there was nothing wrong with the car after inspection.

Other Common Front Bumper Issues

  1. The driver’s side bumper comes out a little bit. The driver has tried putting it back in its place.
  2. The bumper around the mounting clips is extremely thin from both sides. These issues weren’t the user’s mistakes as the car wasn’t scrapped or driven in extreme conditions or didn’t take it to the track.
  3. If debris hits the bumper, the Ford Bumper is full of holes, and it’s difficult to find parts in the market due to limited stock.

How Much Does Ford Front Bumper Cost?

According to automotive experts, the Ford Front Bumper can cost up to $1000. In addition, installation and painting charges are levied separately between $200, which can go up to $600.These costs escalate depending on the car model you own and the job’s complexity. However, you can save money on bumper replacement costs and buy a new one from a trusted store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘, bringing top-quality car parts and accessories to you and fixing them on your own.

The Bottom Line

Driving with a problematic bumper will lead to more issues and expensive repairs later on. Try to resolve this issue by determining the Ford Bumper Replacement Price from a trusted store near you and help your car run optimally.

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