How Much Does a Front Grill Replacement Cost?


Inquisitive to know about the function of the net-ish gate at the front of the car? This significant car component is known as the front grille that lies at the car’s front in between both the headlights. This car component hasn’t been added to enhance the car’s aesthetics but does a lot more work than that.

Dirt, Dust, and debris enter the car’s front grill and damage it. Dents or scratches might deteriorate the grill’s quality, and front grill replacement is the only way to overcome it. Let us dive deeper into the functioning of the car grille.

Functions of a Front Grille

Offers Better Air Circulation

The front area of the car is covered with a grille despite allowing the air to flow through it. It performs a significant role in protecting the engine from the debris present on the road. In addition, the radiator’s temperature is generally reduced with the help of the grill and prevents overheating to a great extent. In short, behind the smooth working of the radiator lies the grill that regulates its temperature.

Improves Aerodynamics and Performance

The grill design is incorporated into the aerodynamics of the car to enhance its performance. The air resistance builds up without opening the car, which impacts the speed of the car greatly. With the optimally designed aerodynamics, the air moves smoothly through the side and top of the car, reducing the air impact significantly.

Enhances the Appeal of the Car

The aesthetic benefit is the most visible thing but certainly not a significant thing. Brands are generally separated based on their grill. You can notice a car coming from a distance from its grill. Many grills come with logos as a part of their brand design, and efforts are generally performed to make it better.

Common Culprits of Grill Damage


It doesn’t matter where you drive the vehicle; the front grille is susceptible to road debris that enters the radiator. External elements, including ice, rocks, dirt, and road salt, lead to numerous radiator issues and need attention. At times the rocks enter the paint or scrape through the dents of the body. Rocks and other elements get within the radiator and lead to engine overheating. Improperly cleared ice can fly and move to another car and cause damages. Driving a car with a damaged grill could impede the smooth working of the car and needs a front grill replacement.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Front Grill?

Several factors affect the cost of bumper repairs. It is generally calibrated on behalf of three main parameters:

  • The extent of the damage.
  • Make, year, and model of the car.
  • The material of the bumper.

The average cost to repair a bumper dent falls between $100-$600.You need to pay separately in case it has cracks, holes, and punctures. Light scratches can be fixed quickly, while the severe ones are costly, and the repair range falls between $50 to $600.The labor charges are charged separately and fall between $48 to $215 per hour and are levied based on the following parameters:

  • Skills and certifications of the technicians.
  • Make and model of the car.
  • The category of the repair shop.
  • The kind of business and facilities levied by it.

How to Save Money on Front Grill Replacement?


You can save money on front grill replacement by purchasing it from a reputable store offering reasonable products like ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’ We deliver top-quality products at your doorstep and deliver them within a day. Take your own part to the mechanic and pay him for the labor charges to fix the front grill issues.

The Bottom Line

The front grill not only enhances the look and feel of the car but protects the radiator and other components from damage. Avoid driving the vehicle with a damaged grill and plan a front grill replacement as soon as possible.

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