How Much Does a Transmission Cost?


Transmission is the most critical component of the car. The movement of power to the wheels has been possible due to transmission. The transmission works in the same way in the car as the chain in the bicycle. It keeps the engine moving no matter which gear is on it.

The transmission issues pop up all of a sudden and are neglected until the car stops completely. We have covered everything related to the most important car component and generally consider transmission installation costs before buying a new one.

Components of a Transmission

Front or Rear Wheel Drive


The location of the car’s transmission depends on whether the power is to be delivered to the rear or front wheels. In the case of rear-wheel design, the transmission is connected to the driveshaft, further attached to the rear axle. On the other hand, the transmission present at the front wheels drive is known as a transaxle, which directly connects with the engine on the driver’s side and the front axle.

Planetary Gear Set


The front and back movements of the gears have only been possible due to the planetary gear set. There is a larger gear with four smaller gears inside it. The structure of the gears is similar to the planets in the solar system, a large orbit accompanied by a smaller one.

Torque Converter


The engine can move despite the vehicle being in a static state because of the torque converter and has three parts: the pump, turbine, and stator. A working engine forces the movement of the transmission fluid from the pump to the turbine, followed by the stator. In case the speed reduces, the stator locks itself until the turbine gains its speed again.

Hydraulic System


Hydraulic system is complicated equipment with passages and tubes that transports transmission fluid to all transmission and torque converter parts. Over the years, the hydraulic system has undergone significant developments and is used in amalgamation with computer-operated electrical components.

Seals and Gaskets


The transmission fluid consists of several seals and gaskets that control the flow of the hydraulic fluid and prevent it from leakage. It is an amalgamation of 2 main seals, the front and the rear one. The front seal helps the fluid move freely and prevents leakage at all costs. The rear seal generally looks after the fluid leakage within the output shaft.

A gasket is a form of the seal and is a combination of two stationary parts that work together. It is made up of materials such as paper, cork, rubber, silicone, and soft metal.

Common Transmission Problems

A transmission is a complex mechanical and computerized system. The repair of this component is more expensive than the engine, so the symptoms mustn’t be taken lightly. If you notice the following problems, determine the transmission price and fix them:

Rough Shifts

Ensure that when the gear of the car is changed, there are no clunking or thudding noises. If you have been hearing them for a while, it is possibly due to low transmission fluid or the gears have worn out. It is hard to determine the underlying cause of rough shifting until it isn’t taken to the mechanic. You can fix these issues by yourself, check the average transmission cost, and fix these issues.

Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks clearly indicate that transmission has been damaged, leading to issues like transmission slippage and poor overall transmission performance. Check the car for leaks if you notice a bright red, clear, or sweet-smelling fluid possible reason is a fluid leak.

Illuminating Check Engine Light

There is nothing to be scared of an illuminating check engine light. Numerous reasons can be responsible for illuminating engine light, faulty spark plugs, and worn-out air filters. If you come across the following symptoms, try not to avoid them and compare the transmission installation cost levied by the car stores online and choose the one that matches your needs.

If you come across the following symptoms, obtain the estimates for transmission installation cost and fix those issues.

How Much Does a Transmission Cost?

According to the transmission repair cost guide, the transmission replacement charges are $2600, and the transmission average cost falls between $1800 to $2400.Also, it is important not to settle for cheap options present in the market and get quality parts from ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ to fix these issues.

Wrapping Up

Don’t delay transmission issues in case they crop up all of a sudden and get an idea of transmission installation cost to fix it.

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