How Much Does an Alternator Cost?


Advancements in the automotive sector are taking place at a fast pace. Every part changes as per the industry requirement, but one such part has undergone several stages of improvement, which is an alternator. It is a significant component that stays with the engine and is present in all transportation systems. It’s a power source that supplies electrical energy to all the components of the vehicle. Let us know about this component in detail along with the car alternator price which is generally considered before replacement.

What Exactly is an Alternator and What it Does?


The alternator is liable for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The stator and the rotor stay present within the alternator that works as magnets and move to generate alternating current. It produces an alternating current that is transformed into an electric current via battery.

What is the Shelf Life of an Alternator?

Most individuals believe that the power on which the car works comes from the battery. The reality is the alternator generally supplies it. Alternators have more shelf life than batteries and usually last for 5 to 8 years. It also depends on the number of miles covered if the vehicle has covered 60,000-15,000 miles, now that it’s time to replace it.

Components of an Alternator

The alternator is divided into two main components that work together to provide current to the vehicle:

Stator and Rotor


The mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy via the stator and rotor. As the car moves, the magnets present on the rotor spin within the stator. The stator comprises a bundle of tightly wounded copper wires known as windings. The magnets move within the windings, and they produce alternating currents.



Diode performs two significant functions within the car; the first is to convert the AC current into a direct one. The second is to charge the battery of the car. The diodes also ensure that the current moves in a single direction, i.e., from the alternator to the car’s battery.

Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator takes the responsibility of keeping the voltage at a certain range.

Cooling Fan 

A lot of heat is dissipated during the process and is cooled with the help of a cooling fan.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Alternator

Like other car components, the alternator wears out over time and needs to be replaced with a new one. Following are the signs of a problematic alternator, along with the average cost it takes to replace an alternator:

Warning Light

The dashboard of the vehicle generally reveals issues with the car alternator. The structure of the icon resembles the battery, whose illumination gives an idea of the issues. If you notice an illuminating light, try to close other appliances such as radio and the AC.Try not to turn the engine off until you don’t get any help.

Grinding Sounds

Alternators rely on various parts that help them spin, including the pulley and the belts. The worn-out belts and pulleys produce the grinding sounds, and it’s time to determine the car alternator cost before replacing it with a new one.          

Dimming Lights

If the alternator starts dimming the lights on your dashboard and headlights. Other possible signs are a reduction in energy and heated seats and windows that minimize their working.

Burning Smell

Burning smell coming out of the vehicle clearly indicates that there is an issue with the engine of the vehicle. It is the misaligned component that causes friction and heats up the belt.

Poorly Functioning Accessories

The car accessories don’t receive adequate power from the alternator and tend to malfunction. For example, the windows might take a long time to move up and down, or the seats are warmer than usual. Modern vehicles come with automated systems that inform the vehicle to cut the power from other sources as there is scarcity. Driving with a poor alternator makes you lose radio power way before the headlights.

Dead Battery


A dead battery is a battery that has come to its end life, or possibly you might have left the headlights on an entire night. Alternator malfunctioning is the underlying cause behind a dead battery. A bad alternator won’t charge the battery appropriately and also makes the charging deplete quicker than usual. If you jumpstart the vehicle and it keeps on running, there are issues with the battery. On the other hand, the moment you jumpstart the car and it dies again, it means that the alternator isn’t receiving adequate power from the battery.

No matter the underlying cause, obtain the exact alternator cost estimates and get it replaced for the smooth working of the car.

How Much Does an Alternator Cost?

Alternator cost is a crucial factor that must be kept in mind before purchasing a new one. The cost of alternator components falls between $150-$400, and replacing the entire alternator would cost you around $500-$800.You can save money from the alternator replacement by purchasing it from an online store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ bringing top-notch and reasonable products to you. In addition, you can pay the labor charges to the mechanic or perform replacement by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Don’t delay the replacement because the alternator replacement cost is too much. Instead, buy the alternator from the nearest store and supply power to the vehicle.

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