How Much Does a Diesel Injector Cost?


Rapid advancements have been taking place in the automobile industry. These rapid advancements have made our lives easier and relocation hassle-free. The researchers have been making efforts to make the drive affordable and reliable for you. This was when Bosch came up with ‘Fuel Injector Systems’ in 1920 that became widely popular in the arena of the combustion engine.

What Exactly is a Fuel Injector?

A fuel injector is an electronically assisted mechanical device that injects spray in the fuel’s engine and makes proper air to fuel mixture to perform the combustion. The fuel injectors are generally present on the engine and the tip within the engine’s combustion chamber.

The Diesel Fuel injector injects the fuel into the cylinder directly, forming the mixture with air, supplying the mixture to the engine. These parts improve fuel efficiency, generate cleaner emissions, and the fuel system rarely needs maintenance with them.

Functions Performed by Diesel Fuel Injector

The diesel fuel injector performs the following primary functions:

Feeds Fuel

Pump elements, including the cylinder and plunger, are present in the injector’s body. As the cam lifts the plunger, the fuel is compressed to high pressure and sent to the cylinder.

Supplies Adequate Fuel Quantity

In diesel’s case, the air intake remains constant despite the parameters such as rotating speed and load. Any alterations in the injection quantity and speed bring a change in the output and the fuel consumption. Proportionate levels of engine output and injection quantity the adjustments are handled by the pedal of the accelerator.

Injection Timing

No matter the engine’s speed, the adjustments and changes in engine timing are taken care of by the timer. The ultimate goal is to attain maximum combustion levels.

Atomising Fuel

Fuel receives pressure from the injection pump and further moves to the injection nozzle mixes thoroughly with air, making the ignition better. This completes the combustion process.

Why Do We Need Fuel Injectors?

Below are the reasons why we need fuel injectors in our vehicles:

  1. Fuel injector systems work on the principle that the air to fuel mixture inside the vehicle will be better than the combustion and more will be fuel efficiency. Our vehicles receive better air to fuel efficiency from the injectors than the carburetors.
  2. Carburetors providing air to fuel mixture leaves several unburned particles within the combustion chamber. This leads to knocking or detonation. This is why present-day automobiles come with fuel injector systems.
  3. In the case of carburetors, it is impossible to measure air to fuel mixture accurately. These adjustments are generally performed mechanically. Fuel injectors have smart electronically regulated units that help us achieve high-precise fuel metering.
  4. Apart from mileage, the performance of the fuel injector systems is way better than carburetors.

Common Types of Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors have been classified into two main types listed as follows:

Diesel Fuel Injectors

In the case of diesel fuel injectors, the diesel is injected or sprayed directly into combustion chambers followed by combustion by compression. The capillary or nozzle of the diesel injector is designed to form diesel packets while spraying fuel within the combustion chamber. These injectors need high injection pumping as diesel weighs more than gasoline.

Classification Based on Fuel Metering

Based on fuel metering, fuel injectors have been divided as :

Mechanically Controlled Injectors


These injectors handle the fuel speed, quantity, timing, and pressure mechanically using a spring and plunger. Input is obtained from the cam and pump fuel arrangement, which is also called fuel distributor, and its advanced version.

Electronically Regulated Fuel Injectors


The name indicates that the speed, quantity, timing, and pressure are generally regulated using an electronic solenoid that receives input from the fuel distributor or electronic control unit.

Common Fuel Injector Problems


If you notice the following concerns with the fuel injector system, it is time to take these concerns seriously and get rid of them soon. Ignoring them would lead to bigger fuel injector problems. Let’s go through each one of them:

Misfiring Engine

Inadequate fuel supply while turning the engine leads to an engine misfire. Likewise, clogging or the dirt accumulated within the injector results in an engine misfire.

Unequal Distribution of Power

The scarcity of fuel supply arises due to dirty fuel injectors and makes the engine rev high and low.

Fuel Not being Used Properly

The fuel injector’s inability to close or leak indicates that the fuel isn’t being used properly. You end up spending more on the fuel, and it is possibly due to fuel injector problems.

Fuel Scent Becomes Strong

You may notice a strong smell of petrol coming out in a non-closing or leaky injector.

Fue Engine Idling is Inconsistent

If you suspect an uneven engine while idling, it is due to a bad fuel injector.

Common Reasons for Fuel Injector Failure


Fuel injector systems have a longer shelf life. However, issues could pop up all of a sudden that lead to fuel injection failure. Let’s identify each one of them:


One of the primary causes behind a damaged fuel injector is contamination that gets in the filtration and destroys the sealing system. These particles are infinitely small and prevent the sealing surfaces from working properly.

Water Seepage

Every single component of the injector is made of metal, and water seeping within it leads to corrosion.

Poor Installations 

A poorly installed fuel injector system gives rise to several issues. Have a look at the missing sealing rings, improper tightening torque, and dirty nozzle before installing the fuel injector within the car.

How Much Does a Diesel Fuel Injector Cost?  

The diesel injector pumps usually cost between $600-$700, whether it’s a branded one or any random part. The cost would keep on escalating depending on the number of car injectors. The labor charges are to be paid additionally. You can save money by purchasing your injector and paying the labor charges.

The Bottom Line

Whether the Diesel fuel injector is bad or has completely failed, supply the engine with the right amount of air to fuel mixture with a new diesel fuel injector system. You can save money on diesel injector charges by purchasing it from the trusted car part shop ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’ We bring the desired car part to your doorstep within a day.

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