How Much Does Brakes Cost?


Brakes are the most crucial car part that keeps us safe on roads. It is the brake and rotor that help this most important part function smoothly. Like other car parts, the brakes and rotors wear out over time and need to be replaced for the safety of the passengers. Before getting into the replacement job, it is important to get an idea of the cost of the new brake so that you pay for what you buy.

How Frequently the Brakes Must be Checked?

Conduct necessary brake checks for better and safe working of your car. Once you have covered 150,000 miles, compare the brake pad replacement cost and resolve the issue.

Symptoms of a Bad Brake


Thin Brake Pads

Brake pads move against the rotor present at the front wheels, resulting in friction and hampering your car’s working. In addition, too thin brake pads don’t squeeze with enough force, and the car doesn’t stop properly. Inspect your vehicle visually and identify thin brake pads.

Car Producing Squealing Sounds

The car indicator makes an irritating sound as the condition of the brake pads starts deteriorating. If you notice a high-pitch sound while applying the brake pedal, the indicator produces a warning cry. If you hear such sounds, have a word with the mechanic and get an auto brake replacement.

Degrading Performance of the Car

If the brakes aren’t performing optimally, they are probably failing. The underlying reason is leaking, which are either from the hose or fluid from the brake lines.


A disengaged anti-lock brake system produces vibrations. It is possibly due to warped rotors that need to be turned, which makes them even.

Obstacles on the Driveway

A puddle beneath your car indicates a leaky brake line. Have a look at the motor oil that looks fresh but less slippery. Leaky brake fluid needs replacement from the mechanic, and the issues would surge quickly, and the vehicle would start losing more fluid.

Car Warning Lights On

Illuminating warning lights clearly reveal that there is a brake pad and rotor issue. If the light is illuminating for a while, there could be issues with the anti-lock brake sensors. You can resolve the issue by yourself,get new brakes from the online store, and give the mechanic labor charges.

Possible Causes of Brake Failure

  1. The loss of brake fluid leads to brake failure. The force you exert on the brake pedal helps to stop the wheels slowly.
  2. The brake cylinder generally performs fluid compression. A bad brake cylinder is another underlying reason for brake failure.
  3. There are issues with the brake booster that lead to complete brake failure. It generally occurs when a full amount of force is applied to slow and stop your car.

Factors Affecting the Brake Replacement Cost

DIY Vs. Paying to the Mechanic

Replace the brakes on your own as it’ll help you save a lot of money. However, make sure that you know how to repair the brakes as it is a matter of passengers’ safety. You can purchase good quality and reasonable brake pads and rotors from the customer’s most preferred online store, ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’

The kind of Vehicle You Drive

The brake pads cost of the expensive models is more than that of the earlier models. The bulkier the model is, the more will be its cost. It is vital to purchase the brakes based on your vehicle for the smooth working of the car.

The Brand and Material of the Brake Pads

Every aftermarket brake pad is distinguished based on quality and cost. The brake pads consist of organic, metallic, or ceramic materials with unique performance properties and prices. If you want your brake pad to last for years, always invest in branded parts that are authentic.

Driving Skills

If you are among those who want to unleash the true potential of your braking system, you need to spend more. The better the car braking system, the higher the cost will be.

The Actual Brake and Rotor Cost


In the case of a normal vehicle, brake pad replacement cost generally falls between $30 to $50.While replacing the car brakes, ensure that both the rotor and brakes are replaced simultaneously. The average rotor cost estimates are between $40 to $70, which goes up to $140 to $250 per axle. Labor charges are generally considered separately from the main cost as it doubles the overall cost. The feasible approach is to buy your own part and pay the labor charges only.

The Bottom Line

Avoid ignoring the warning signs demonstrated by the rotor and brakes to prevent collisions on the road. Ignorance would lead to more issues later on. Instead, get quality parts from a reputed store near you.

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