How Much Does Honda Civic Hood Replacement Cost?


Did you know that the Honda Civic gets the third position in the list of top-selling cars after Honda Accord and Ford Mustang? Honda Civic isn’t just another car but a car with exclusive features. It is widely known for its excellent fuel economy, low maintenance, unique design, and reliability.

The car has become the most prominent choice for those who want a hassle-free and low-cost ride. The best part is compared to other car models; the Honda Civic owners shell out less money and time as the vehicle as it needs minimum repair. The owners confide their trust in the car, which would take them anywhere they want to be. Since no car model is perfect you would come across Honda Civic Hood Issues. Let’s know them in detail and see what can be done in such cases.

Common Problems Associated with Honda Civic

The Civic model has exceptional features like reliability, good design, and stays within the budget. It is impossible to neglect the issues related to the car. The Civic model released in 2001,2002,2006, and 2007 were full of issues. If you have been enticed to purchase a car due to its low price, you’re making the wrong choice. Below is the list of Honda Civic Hood issues that you would experience:

The Honda Civic Hood Latch Isn’t Opening


At times you try to open Honda Civic Hood, which isn’t coming out. In such a case, you can take help from someone else. Otherwise, follow the steps mentioned below and open Honda’s Hood in no time:

  • Push the Hood where the latch is located and keep it down.
  • Take the help of the other person who will release the Hood while pulling the cable.
  • You can easily pull the Hood instead of lifting or holding it down.
  • If nothing happens despite so many efforts, apply pressure at various spots and see what happens.

Honda Civic Hood Won’t Close

If closing the Hood of the car has become an impossible task, then either the hood latch has become defective or isn’t aligned properly. Sometimes the cable is the root cause of the issue. Hood damages also occur due to accidents, so know the hood latch replacement cost before resolving the issues from a qualified technician near you.

How to Fix the Latch?

The moment you are trying to fix hold the hood latch upwards. If the issues don’t solve like this, then apply lithium grease on it. In case it is not aligned properly, remove the latch bolts and move the latch-up. You will be able to close the latch now. If you are still struggling with issues, get the Honda Civic hood latch replaced  from the mechanic or do it yourself.

How to Fix the Cable Issues?

The latch cable comes out of the latch holding setup. It is better to put the cable back in its position. In the case of older cars, these cables are susceptible to rust. If the issue gets worse, then get a Honda Civic Hood Cable Replacement.

Cracks in the Exhaust Manifold

Not many of us know but the Exhaust Manifold(2.2 iCTDi) installed within the car often develops cracks. As a result, you need to replace the failing transmission to help the car perform optimally. The moment you turn the Hood up, excessive smoke starts dissipating from the car, and a cracked manifold is the leading cause behind it.

Step by Step Guide: Honda Civic Hood Latch Replacement

Numerous reasons can be held responsible for a problematic hood latch. If you have tried doing everything but are unable to fix the issue, then replacement is your last resort. Consult a licensed technician or perform the replacement by yourself by following the step by step guide:

  1. Take the kick plate out, which is generally present under the driver’s seat. You can remove it using a screwdriver.
  2. Remove one inch of the plastic mounted on the external end of the cable. The plastic can be eliminated using cutting pliers. Apply heat, and the plastic would come out on its own. If you are unable to take the plastic out, you can use a lighter.
  3. Install a new hood latch and insert a new hood latch to the cable exposed from either end.
  4. Put the corner kick plate back, and the job is done.

Perform these steps only when you know the technicalities of the job. Honda Civic Hood replacement is a costly affair, and save money by purchasing a car part from a well-established store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ that brings Hood at reasonable rates. Otherwise, seeking assistance from a mechanic would be a better option to perform the Honda Civic Hood Cable Replacement in no time.

The Bottom Line

Driving with a problematic hood could lead to expensive repairs later on. Avoid delaying the issues; get estimates for Honda Civic Hood replacement to resolve the issues in no time.

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