How Much is the P0011 Fix Cost?


An illuminated check engine light is one of the most frustrating situations experienced by every car driver. In such situations, the driver has no other option than to shell out money on expensive repairs and costly downtimes. However, an illuminating check engine light isn’t always an alarming situation, and a little bit of trouble and finances can help you get rid of it. The same applies to the P0011 code that flashes on the dashboard often. “P” in the code refers to powertrain, and “O” stands for generic OBD code, and the last two digits reveal fault description. The simple steps that offer P0011 code diagnosis and strategies to fix the issue have been discussed below.

What Exactly Does the Code P0011 Means?


The P0011 code generally takes place in vehicles that use variable valve timing that further exaggerates the engine’s operating efficiency. Engines working on variable valve timing make subtle adjustments that vary to a point where cylinder intake/valves actuate. Consequently, the valve timing replicates the piston movement along with its cylinder at a constant rate. The power control module generally shows this error which means that the valve timing isn’t giving camshaft actuation properly, and the code flashes on the dashboard every now and then.

What are the Symptoms of a P0011 Code?

Below are the signs of an OBD P0011 that you must pay attention to and take necessary action to prevent it from popping again:

Hard Time Starting the Engine

Starting the cam becomes a hassle in the case of the P0011 code as the cam is stuck in an advanced or retarded timing position. Another thing that takes place due to the P0011 code on your car is the dropped fuel mileage. Your car would need more fuel to work, and a lot of money would be wasted in filling the tank.

Low Fuel Economy & Rough Idling

Due to low fuel economy, the engine starts moving roughly starts shuddering, hesitating, and stalling while moving due to variation in camshaft positions. Engine idling occurs due to spark plug or sparks plug wires that obtain electrical current from ignition coils and make proper amounts of air to fuel the mixture necessary for combustion.

Failed Emission Test

At times the engine emissions might go beyond a certain level, and the vehicle fails in the emission test. An emission test is the only way to determine the level of pollutants generated by the vehicle. You need to know the  P0011 Repair cost from the mechanic and get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

P0011 Code Diagnosis

Fa P0011 Code Diagnosis

  • Firstly, a visual inspection is carried out to determine a faulty wire. Following that, electrical connections and valves are thoroughly inspected that commonly take place at the Camshaft oil control valve for bank one intake camshaft.
  • Thirdly, the level or the viscosity of the oil is thoroughly checked. Thick oils usually have high viscosity, while the thin ones minimize engine friction and prevent heat build-up. This kind of engine starts quickly during cold weather, thereby preventing engine stalling at all costs.
  • Trouble codes on the car are generally determined via Diagnostic toolsFreeze frame data is calibrated and reviewed. Reset the entire system to check whether the error comes back if it does get an estimated quote of P0011 Repair cost from the mechanic before getting it repaired and prevent issues from coming back.

Mistakes to Avoid Before Digonose P0011 Code

The only way to prevent misdiagnosis or prevent troubleshooting problems is to follow the simple guidelines listed as follows:

  • It is better to conduct your own visual inspection before taking the car to the mechanic for a P0011 code fix. If the electrical connections are perfectly fine, something else needs attention besides resolving the code.
  • Have a look at the engine oil, which must be clean, full, and has the right viscosity. If the oil doesn’t have the right viscosity or contaminants and metal entering within, it could damage the engine and get you into expensive repairs soon.
  • Avoid taking out sensors or other car components unless there are issues with them.

The Bottom Line

Ignoring the P0011 code could lead to further issues, and a P0011 code diagnosis would help you determine the underlying reason and replace the system in case the condition gets worse. Don’t hesitate to consult the mechanic or resolve the issue on your own if you know the technicalities.

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