How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Hyundai Bumper?


The moment you see a Hyundai owner talking about the features of his car, it isn’t one or two but a complete list. Hyundai meets the requirements of those car enthusiasts who want to buy a class with first-class features. The latest technology, such as a wireless charger, smart boot, emergency stop signal, and much more, is installed in the car.

There are imperfections in every car, and the same holds true in the case of the Hyundai model. The bumper is the only thing that bothers car enthusiasts too much. A minor impact or aging is the leading cause of the issue, and a qualified mechanic would perform the entire Hyundai Bumper Part replacement on your car and resolve the issues in no time.

Powerful Engine

The Hyundai cars are equipped with powerful engines. This was the first car brand that lodged a BS6 complaint regarding the Turbo Petrol engine with the venue launch. Volkswagen was the first brand that came up with a 1.0-liter TSI engine, after which Hyundai introduced Turbos in the engine.

Offers Safe Driving Experience

This feature was absent in the previous models and has now become a part of present-day cars some time ago. Hyundai models are quite safe, have a rigid body, properly integrated crumpled zones, and excellent safety features like ABS and EBS.

Common Issue with Hyundai Model

Complaints filed by Hyundai Bumper owners were compared with the data obtained from a thorough investigation and technical bulletin listed as follows:

Bumper Issues of Hyundai Santa Fe


One of the owners spent his hard-earned money on Hyundai Santa Fe and parked the car on a snowbank. Due to this, the bumper cover from the driver site came out. When the manufacturer was informed about the issue, there was assistance from his side. You just need to determine the Hyundai Rear Bumper Price from the trusted store near you and resolve the issue for a while.

The Right Side Of Bumper Was Loose

Another complaint that disappointed one of the Hyundai customers was related to the lost bumper’s right side. The car didn’t experience any sort of collision, despite which the owner identified the flaw. The car was taken to the mechanic, and the customer recommended a complete Hyundai bumper parts replacement.

Safety Concerns Related to Hyundai Bumpers

A customer purchased Hyundai Santa Fe in the year 2002 and covered 11 miles in it. The car started giving radiator issues which were resolved in March 2007. All of a sudden, the customer came across two primary safety concerns. The first one was related to the absence of safety or protective foam in the front bumper. On the other hand, the safety or crash bar was bent. The original dealer didn’t take responsibility even after showing the vehicle history report. It was concluded that the car had defects before it was purchased and failed in all the safety inspections.

Bumper Issues in 2013 Hyundai Sonata


Another user faced Bumper issues with Hyundai Sonata 2013. While driving the bumper, the Fender skirt and inner fender fell on the ground as the car moved on a proper road. The car was taken to the dealer, who informed that a plastic bag was wrapped around the bumper, and pulling it out would eliminate the issues. The car was taken to a mechanic which clearly stated that the design wasn’t good and parts were made of plastic. The customer resumed the driving again, and the front end came out again. The original part was quite expensive, so the user started searching for Hyundai Bumper Price & paid labor cost to the mechanic to prevent the problem from bothering again.

How Much Does Hyundai Bumper Cost?

The cost of a Hyundai Bumper is between $100-$1000.Installation and painting charges are levied separately between $200 and $600.The cost of these bumpers escalates depending on the type of brand you choose for your car.

The Bottom Line

Driving with a problematic Hyundai Bumper could lead to severe implications. Installing the original bumper costs and arm and leg. However, you can save money by investing in a bumper bought from a reputed store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ and paying the mechanic’s labor charges.

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