How Often Should We Replace the Windshield Wipers?


Driving a car becomes a hassle during extreme weather conditions. Driving becomes a safety concern as one is unable to see objects on the road as the contaminants accumulate on the windshield. With the advancement in technology, windshield wipers were introduced and performed their job dedicatedly by moving back & forth to keep water away from the car. When operated at the highest speed, they start shaking the car sideways. This article covers everything related to windshield wipers and cost, a significant factor duly considered before buying new ones.

How Frequently should the Windshield Wiper be Changed?

According to an expert, the windshield and wipers must be replaced every 6 to 12 months. The longevity of some blades for 2 to 3 months depends on the material they’re made from. When the mechanic changes oil, the wipers are inspected thoroughly and are effectively managed. You can do it by yourself by purchasing durable and reasonable Windshield wipers replacement from AutoParts before the Autumn season arrives.

How Much Does Windshield Wipers Cost?

Windshield Wipers

The cost of a windshield wiper depends on the brand & makeup of the product. The blade of the wiper is made of soft & flexible material so that it can be cleaned without scratching. The rubber ones are soft and less long-lasting, while the halogen-hardened blade lasts a bit longer than the rubber ones. The Silicone ones have a longer lifespan & are costly compared to the three-blade types.

What Signs Does a Bad Windshield Wiper Demonstrate?

Windshield wiper assembly replacement is highly recommended in case of a problematic one. A problematic windshield will show the following signs, and only replacement can prevent the issues from coming back. Let’s dive deeper into the signs of a bad windshield wiper as follows:

Squeaking Noises

Wipers move freely on a wet surface and in case you notice squealing sounds, it’s possibly due to the rubber or Silicone pieces that have deteriorated over time.

Chattering Noises or Vibrations Sounds from the Car

In case the windshield wiper starts moving in an uneven direction, it leads to chattering sounds. The blade gaps move faster than the pieces in which the wiper connects the windshield, and the vibration occurs. It’s time to determine the windshield wiper replacement cost well in advance and buy a new one to help the windshield work smoothly.

Excessive Streaking

Every time the wiper moves, it leaves a smooth and clean surface. Streaks clearly indicate an issue with a part of the windshield.

Wet Spots

This is an intense version of streaking. The blade has worn out to the point that it doesn’t eliminate the moisture from the windscreen. Those areas aren’t wiped at all.

What Would Happen If the Windshields Remain Unchanged?

If you don’t use the wipers often, the idea of changing the blades often skips your mind. This part is not as important as the engine but could create some serious troubles in the long run. When left unattended, a Windshield wiper assembly replacement could lead to expensive repairs at a later stage.

How to Boost the Lifespan of the Windshield Wipers?

Windshield Wipers

There is only one way to boost the shelf life of the windshield. Clean them gently using rubbing alcohol to make them last for a long time. There are other steps that can be taken to preserve them. Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent dirt or grime built up that damages the rubber blades of the car.

If the car windshield has completely deteriorated, get in touch with a mechanic by searching for windshield wiper arm replacement near me or do it by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Implement the windshield wiper guidelines listed above and get a new one to drive safely on the road. Leaving them as it is would get you into costly repairs in the years to come.

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