Super Easy Ways to Fix Car Scratches


Scratches have become a cause of concern for several car owners. These occur due to numerous reasons, including car accidents, Vandalism or parking the car inappropriately. These hamper the vehicle’s aesthetics, and even a small touch up can be costly. The best thing is these aren’t permanent, and some simple steps can resolve these issues in no time. Let’s dive deeper into the steps one can take to fix car scratches and dents. Before resolving the scratches problem, carry out the steps mentioned below:

Determine Surface or Deep Scratches Using a Fingernail


If the scratches don’t come on the fingernail, they are on the surface and using toothpaste is feasible for scratches and dents to be fixed. However, in case the fingernail catches them, it’s time to take it to the professional and eliminate them from your car.

Wash and Dry the Scratched Area

Before applying anything to the area affected by scratches, ensure that it’s free from dirt and debris. Dirt and debris accumulated on the scratched area would make these scratches worse. You can get rid of contaminants in the following ways:

  1. Take the car for a wash or wash it by yourself.
  2. Spray water using a hose as it would eradicate unwanted particles from it. Use soap exclusively made for cars and apply it on a sponge or a car washing brush. Apply soap to every section of the car and wipe it off using the hose. The car must be dried using a clean towel.

Add Quarter Size Amount of Toothpaste to Dampened Microfiber Towel

Get a wet microfiber towel that damps easily. Add a quarter of toothpaste to the towel that is increased or decreased depending on the size of the scratch.

  • You can use whitening toothpaste or any other that you have.
  • The toothpaste must be applied using a microfiber towel to ensure no more damage occurs after rubbing.

Apply Toothpaste in a Circular Motion

Lower the microfiber towel and start moving it in small circles to eradicate the scratches. Do this until the toothpaste is all over the entire surface. Pressure must be applied to the affected area but ensure that it’s not too much.

Rinse Excess Toothpaste

Once buffing is over, try to rinse off excess toothpaste from the car. Spray the hose and wipe it using a microfiber towel. The wet area must be cleaned using a microfiber towel.

Continue the Process Two More Times

The previous process must be repeated again to eliminate the unwanted scratches. Check the area to see if the scratches are still there; if they are repeat the entire process again. Try not to implement more than 3 applications as it would damage the car’s coating.

How to Deal with Small Scratches?

Use a Car Scratch Remover for Small Ones

Keep the Car Dirt & Debris Free

Ensure that the area affected by scratches is free from contaminants before any product or try to buff the area. Dirt or debris on buffing leads to more scratches. Spraying the vehicle using a hose before applying the soap is mandatory. Ensure that you invest in soap that is exclusively used for car washing.

Invest in a Scratch Removal Product or Kit

Fix car scratches and dents by investing in a product removal kit. In the market, they are generally sold as scratch removal kits, and consist of a scratch removal solution with a buffing pad applied to enhance the look of the car. Choose a trusted seller such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ that brings top-quality and durable car parts to you. In addition, some products come with a mechanical buffing tool which is generally used to remove unwanted scratches from the car.

Apply the Product to Scratched or Affected Areas

Apply the product in a circular motion back and forth. Perform this task at your convenience and avoid switching from one direction to another. Keep on applying the product until it’s distributed all over the area. Ensure that light to medium pressure is applied while working on the scratch area.

If you’ve tried several methods and haven’t got rid of the scratches, start searching for experts dealing with ‘car scratches near me‘.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Scratches?

The cost of car scratch removal depends upon the number and depth of the scratches. The cost can be as little as $150, which could escalate up to $2500.The average cost of car scratch repair is $3500.You can save money by purchasing the car scratches remover from a trusted store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ and following the simple hacks mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

Car scratches are a cause of concern and become an impediment to the vehicle’s curb appeal. Apply the tips mentioned above and improve the look and feel of your car.

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