How to Buy a Radiator?


Vehicles generate a lot of heat as they move. The cooling system takes the responsibility of keeping the car parts at optimum temperatures. The temperature must be maintained at a certain range to get maximum  performance and increase the vehicle’s lifespan. Radiators are basically heat exchangers, and these devices maintain the temperature of the engine. This article analyzes the radiator, car radiator cost, common radiator issues, and simplifies the radiator purchasing process.

What’s The Exact Location Of The Radiator?

The front of the engine bay is the exact location where the radiator is present. The radiator core support keeps it intact and comes with brackets & rubber bushings present at the top and bottom of the vehicle. Due to these components, the radiator stays at the proper place.

How Does the Radiator Work?

The coolant brings the engine temperature down. The coolant coming out of the water pump goes to the engine cylinders to keep the heat abreast. The hot coolant moves to the hose of the upper radiator and goes to the radiator. A car radiator has a series of tubes with a coolant attached to it. The coolant fan blows air into the radiator; the radiator tubes generally absorb the heat via fins and are released into the air. The coolant has now moved to the water pump through the low radiator hose to repeat the entire cycle.

Radiators in the past were made of copper and brass, and the new ones have plastic and aluminum in them. The new radiators are lightweight compared to the older versions.

Two tanks are present at the inlet and the outlet that collects the coolant. The transmission cooler is mounted to take the heat away from the coolant.

Classification of Radiators

Crossflow Radiators


Crossflow radiators have tanks present at the left and right side of the tubes. It is the water pump that helps the coolant move across the radiators. These devices have become the preferred choice of automobiles due to their sleek design.

Downflow Radiators


The downflow radiators have tanks present at the top and bottom of the tubes. Downflow radiators are usually long and consume a lot of space.

Important Note: It is vital to get the radiator that aligns with the vehicle while someone plans a radiator replacement. Changing the radiator would require additional adjustment, so such things must be avoided at all costs.

Apart from car radiator cost, it is vital to look at the radiator components, including the hose and caps. The radiator cap plays a crucial role and works like a pressure and vacuum relieving valve. Also, it allows the coolant from the tanks into the radiators to make sure that it is working at optimum levels.

Common Radiator Issues

  1. The coolant flowing through the engine consists of impurities along with it. These things clog the tubes. Rust built up is another reason for clogging.
  2. Excess pressure leads to cracks or holes in the tanks or hoses.
  3. Some radiators are made up of plastic tanks, and hot coolant entering within would melt it. This would fail the entire radiator.
  4. External debris along with rocks and other substances damages the radiator.
  5. Broken fins and damaged radiator caps are also another leading cause of radiator failure.

How to Identify a Bad Radiator?

  1. A poorly working radiator won’t cool the coolant, ultimately resulting in engine overheating.
  2. Breaks or cracks developing in the hose and other parts make the coolant leak. Coolant leaks bring coolant to the level of the reservoir.
  3. The color of the coolant has become a warning sign of a bad radiator. Normal coolant is either yellow or green, while an impure coolant has a color of rust or oil.

How to Buy the Radiator?

Finding the right radiator has become easier than ever. Enter the year, make, and model to find the right part. Alternatively, you can buy the radiator by entering the OEM part number of the vehicle. If you don’t have an OEM part number, call the dealership and share the VIN number with them to get the OEM number. Finally, don’t forget to check the car radiator price before deciding to buy it.

Where to Buy the Radiator from?

The internet is flooded with endless options, and choosing the right radiator becomes a hassle. Associating with a reputed store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ would bring the best car radiator. However, the customer has to pay a reasonable car radiator price after checking out.

Wrapping Up

Keep the car parts at optimum temperatures by investing in a durable car radiator. Don’t make the purchase decision without considering the car radiator price in mind.

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