How To Buy A Steering Gearbox?

How to Buy a Steering Gearbox?

Choosing the right steering gearbox amid so many options is an arduous task. It’s time to wave goodbye to your troubles, as this article covers the basics of a steering gearbox. Also, we have highlighted the symptoms of a bad gearbox and the need for steering gearbox replacement for the smooth working of the vehicle.

Steering gearbox manufactured in the factories nowadays basically consists of a rack and pinion system. The steering system consists of multiple parts, including universal joints, main shafts, intermediate shafts, and steering rack, also referred to as steering gearbox.

What Exactly is a Steering Gearbox?


A steering gearbox consists of gears that give the driver the chance to transmit driver steering inputs to the linkage and ensures proper working of the wheels. The steering box keeps on multiplying the driver steering changes so that the front wheels can move more than the steering wheel.

Signs of a Problematic Steering Box

Like other parts, the steering box is susceptible to wear and tear and must start finding steering gearbox replacement to help it work optimally. Delay in repairs would cost you more money, so perform these tasks on time. Below are the signs of a problematic steering box:

Tight Steering Wheel

While driving, you might notice the steering wheel is too tight. The rack and pinion systems have a base of power steering unit that gives hydraulic pressure, thereby making the steering smooth, efficient, and responsive.


If you are facing hassles while turning, the steering tightness is possibly due to heat built up or loss of hydraulic pressure.

Despite this reason, it is vital to get the steering inspected and get the steering box replaced by the mechanic.

Leaking Power Steering Fluid


Leaking the power steering unit gives rise to gearbox issues and leads to tightness in the steering. Tightness is possibly due to low power steering fluid. Steering works on hydraulic power, and you would hardly notice a reduction in the fluid unless there is a leak. Leaks are a warning sign of a big issue such as a loosely fitted wheel, broken gasket, or mechanical issue that must be resolved before it worsens.

How to Identify Leaky Power Steering Fluid?


Identifying a leaky power steering fluid isn’t complicated but can make you suspicious. When there is a leak, you will suspect fluid coming out of the pump pulley. The steering gearbox is the best solution to this issue. Another potential source of the leak is the hoses or the tubing that carries power steering that carries the power steering unit from the pump to the rack. If you come across a leak, apply Teflon tape or try to tighten the connection. If you suspect leaks in the soft hose, try to replace the hose.

Foul Smell Of the Burning Oil

Foul burning oil smell is the last issue that affects the steering gearbox. Oil leak taking place in the steering wheel gives a strong and strange aroma. A leaky fluid would give a strong burnt oil aroma and makes the steering box very hot.

Damage in the Steering Pump

Certain signs clearly demand a steering pump replacement. Not replacing would detrimentally affect the working of the steering box:

Hassles While Turning the Wheel

You would encounter issues while turning or handling the steering. Turn the wheel in a sharp manner which would add more strain to the power steering system. The force applied while turning would be greater than usual. In case the wheel starts shaking, know it’s time for power steering pump replacement.

Power Steering Fluid Leak

You would see fluid under your vehicle, clearly indicating that there is a power steering fluid leak in your automobile. The fluid would be in three colors: brown, pink or clear. Ensure that the leak is a power steering fluid leak, not a regular oil leak.

Get the leak inspected by the mechanic which would test drive your car. Also, buy a steering gearbox if the condition of the previous one has deteriorated.

How Much Does Steering Gearbox Replacement Cost?

Replacing a steering gearbox depends on the type of car you own. If you own an old car, then the price would be around $484.The parts and labor costs would be separately levied on you.

How Much Does a Steering Gearbox Cost?

Luxury vehicles gearbox costs around $1926 and $1645 being the cost of parts. The labor cost is below $280, and the dealer cost is about $2021.Buying a steering gearbox is an expensive affair but is worth the price.

How to Buy a Steering Gearbox?

You can buy a steering gearbox from a reputed store like ‘The Auto Parts Store,’ which will bring an inexpensive and long-lasting gearbox. Just give a call, and the experts will come up with the appropriate gearbox for your vehicle.

Wrapping Up

Help your car wheels work smoothly with a steering gearbox and help your vehicle perform optimally.

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