How to Buy a Turbocharger?

How to Buy a Turbocharger?

The automobile market is full of endless turbocharger options. Choosing the right turbocharger for your vehicle is a confusing and arduous task. In this article, we have come up with the guidelines that will simplify the process of buying a turbocharger and for more details visit “The Auto Parts Shop”.

History of Turbochargers


Alfred J Buchi is the individual behind the invention of turbochargers. He initially came with an idea of the turbocharger before World War 1, and the patent was sent to Germany. Various amends took place in the design till his death which took place four decades later.

Buchi wasn’t the only individual that discovered TurboCharger.After a couple of years, Sir Doughlad Clark invented a two-stroke engine and created two distinct cylinders that handled the compression and expansion stages. It worked more like a supercharging device that handled that surged the airflow and the amount of fuel burned by the device. Other engineers performed experiments with the supercharging systems.

The turbocharger is a device attached to the vehicle’s engine that aims to improve overall efficiency and performance. This is the only reason why so many automobile experts prefer turbocharging their vehicles. In the coming years, more automobiles will be installed in the vehicle.

How Does a Turbocharger Work?

A turbocharger consists of two halves connected by a shaft. On one side, two turbines are attached to each other that suck in the air and give it to the engine. The engine can receive extra power and become more efficient as more air gets within the engine. The more fuel you add, the better power it is going to give.

Perks of Having a Vehicle with Turbocharger

Apart from extra power, turbocharger devices supply “Free Power.”It is not like the supercharger that needs engine power to work. Turbocharger receives power from hot and expanding gases coming out of the engine, so no net power gets drained from the vehicle. Turbochargers remain unaffected as naturally aspirated engines as the vehicle goes to high-altitude areas. The greater the altitude of the naturally aspirated engine, the more difficulties it experiences in obtaining the oxygen.

How Do We Classify the Turbochargers?

Turbochargers have been bifurcated into various categories. The category you choose determines the turbocharger’s price. Let us go through each of them:

Single Turbocharger


The single turbocharger is a popular and commonly installed type of turbocharger. It has a single turbine and is a significant component of the mainstream consumer market. It is generally found in pedestrian cars that don’t require much horsepower and torque to function. It is a common upgrade performed. 


  • A cost-effective approach to increase the power efficiency of the vehicle’s engine.
  • Simplest turbocharging option for installation.
  • It makes the use of small engines, which would generate similar power as the large naturally aspirated engines.

Twin Turbochargers


Just like single turbochargers, the twin-turbo ones bring plenty of choices to you. A single turbocharger offers a low RPM and is passed to the twin-turbo for high RPM. Alternatively, you can install two similar kinds of turbochargers within the vehicle, both with low or high RPM.


  • Parallel twin turbos placed on a V-shaped engine offer similar benefits and drawbacks as single turbochargers.
  • Sequential turbos or using the ones with low RPM or both at high RPM gives a flatter torque curve.

Electric Turbocharger


The disadvantages offered by the turbocharger have been fixed by adding an electric motor to the charger. Electric turbocharger turbochargers have resolved issues such as turbo lag or inadequate exhaust gases.


  • You can directly connect the charger with compressor wheel issues such as turbo lag, and insufficient exhaust gases can be resolved by spinning the compressor with electric power.
  • Connect the electric motor to the exhaust turbine and get the wasted energy back.
  • Gives a wide and effective RPM range even without torque.

Variable Geometry Turbocharger


It is an exclusive form of turbocharging.VGTs come with limited production due to cost and exquisite material used while manufacturing. Internal veins attached to the turbocharger bring alterations in the radio ratio to match the RPM.


  • Comes with a wide and flat torque curve.
  • Needs a single turbo, and a simple sequential turbo setup is transformed into something compact.

Purchasing Turbocharger Using OEM Part Number

If you are unable to get the desired part after entering the year, make, and model of the vehicle, locate it by entering the OEM number. It is mentioned on the part and is stamped on a metal tag. Place a call to the dealership and keep the VIN number handy as they would provide you with the OEM part number. Besides this, associating with a reputed store ‘The AutoParts Shop” while buying a turbocharger would bring quality and durable parts to you.

What’s the Duration of Installation?

The installation duration depends on three things:

  • The location.
  • The number of chargers to be installed.
  • The experience of the person or mechanic.

However, the installation usually lasts between 3 to 6 hours.

Wrapping Up

Enhance the performance and efficiency of your automobile by getting information such as turbocharger price and its specifications.

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