How to Check the Health of Your Car Battery?


The car battery plays a pivotal role while supplying power to the car’s electrical components—everything including starting the car, turning the headlights on, and listening to music. Low car batteries make operations like starting the vehicle or reducing the ability of the headlights. Therefore, it is vital to check the car battery condition well in advance to prevent issues later on.

What is the Lifespan of the Car Battery?

The average lifespan of car batteries generally remains between 2 to 5 years. A critical factor that affects the battery’s longevity is the weather. A hot day can have a detrimental impact on your car’s battery. Problems including dead batteries often occur in summers, so proper driving precautions must be taken during this time of the year.

How to Check the Car’s Battery Health?

Checking the battery health on a regular basis would prevent it from failure. Below are some ways that you can incorporate to check the battery health of your vehicle:

Check the Voltage

The voltage of the devices is generally calibrated using a voltmeter. Voltmeters are categorized as digital and analog, and choosing each one of them depends on individual preferences. Connecting the battery with the Voltmeter is quite simple the positive point must be connected to the red terminal while the negative one should be connected to the black terminal.

Using Multimeter


Another way to check the car battery is with a multimeter.12.6 V is considered a good car battery, and a multimeter measures the DC Voltage. It comes with a solid and a dashed line which is present above the letter V.The moment you dial 20, you’ll be able to measure between 0 to 20 V.In case you find the battery reading going down to 12.2V, the battery is 50% charged, and the one below 12V comes under the discharged category. In case you find that something has been draining the battery, take the battery out or eliminate the battery from the car completely.

Highlights Test

Those who haven’t purchased the Voltmeter can check the battery by seeing the reaction of the car headlights. If the headlights have started getting darker than before, the chances are that the car’s battery is low. Tune-up the vehicle if the headlights get brighter; this means that the alternator is working and doesn’t supply a current to charge the battery. If there has been no change in the headlights of the battery, the vehicle’s battery is performing as expected.

Battery Health Indicator

Battery Health Indicator

Battery health indicator has been installed in modern vehicles and comes with a cover attached to the battery. The moment you turn the ignition on, the arrow starts moving towards the red signal or the green one. A black colour battery clearly indicates that the battery is empty and is of no use in future. Consult qualified technicians who will check the car battery near me and get the old one replaced with a new one.

Load Test

A load test is another way to determine the health of your battery. Test your battery against a CCA rating of one and a half if the battery holds 9.6V for 15 Seconds. The test must be carried only when the battery is fully charged.

Power Probe

Those who don’t own a Voltmeter can check the battery using a power probe that comes with a performance certificate. The probe comes with a positive battery pole and a negative battery pole, and the battery of the car is in a good state only when the battery lies between 12.2 to 12.9 Volts. Ensure that the ignition of the car, along with the accessories, are turned off. This method is generally incorporated to test the car under load.

Physical Inspection

The cracks in the car battery can be identified using a physical inspection. Firstly, try disconnecting the battery terminals and taking out the car’s battery. Secondly, keep the battery on a flat surface and check it for bulges. Doming is an outcome of overcharging; thoroughly inspect the battery terminals and have a look at the insulation. If the battery has cracks, it’s time for a car battery replacement and make sure that the new one is cleaned before fitting it as its position.

Hydrometer Test

The acidity taking place in the battery plates is generally determined using a Hydrometer. The battery functions properly in case the acid comes out to be weak. It’s better to purchase the hydrometer along with the thermometer. Working with an acidic battery can be quite dangerous, so gloves must be worn before working with it. Avoid using the metal thermometer as its reaction to the acid could worsen the battery’s condition.

Start by opening the plate covers of the battery and keep the hydrometer on the first cell. Don’t forget to keep the cover of the hydrometer together. Release the lid, and you’ll notice electrolyte flowing through the hydrometer. Ensure that it is measured for the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Carry out the same test with other cells. Reading that falls between 1.265 and 1.299 indicate an undercharged battery. Huge discrepancies in the measured value reveal that the battery is sulphated.

The Bottom Line

It is vital to check battery health as it supplies power to other car components. Check the health of your battery by performing the tests using the methods mentioned above. In case the condition of the battery has gone worse, it’s better to get a car battery online from a trusted store, ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘.The Auto Parts Shop brings authentic and high-end products that are delivered within a day.

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