How to Deal with a Bad Pitman Arm?


You might have heard about the component ‘Pitman Arm‘ for the first time. The Pitman’s arm is an integral component of the steering system, which is responsible for transferring the radical motion of the steering column into the linear motion. In addition, the connection between the steering gear and linkage is generally established using Pitman’s arm. Like other components, Pitman Arm is susceptible to wear and tear that can only be resolved via Pitman arm replacement.

The function of a Pitman Arm

The traditional Pitman arm consists of a rack and pinion assembly. In the old models, the Pitman’s arm was used to connect the steering gear to the steering linkage. This arrangement is generally found in rear-wheel cars. The arm is attached to the output shaft of the steering gear and gives input to the steering linkage. The steering linkage is attached to the steering knuckles that move back and forth.

What Are Some of the Bad Pitman Arm Symptoms?

Bad Pitman Arm

If you’re thinking that you’re dealing with a bad Pitman arm, you will notice the following symptoms:

Steering Becomes Loose or Unresponsive

The obvious sign of a bad Pitman arm is loose or unresponsive steering. The moment you notice damages in the Bitman Arm Tampered hole or a worn-out ball joint moving, the steering looks vague as you turn the wheels.

Vehicle Wanders While Moving

Another bad Pitman Arm symptom is that the car starts wandering while driving. The steering corrections are to be performed more than ever. As you drive over the bumps, the car starts moving from one side or another.

Clunking or Popping Sounds on Turning

You would notice clunking, or popping sounds the moment the car is turned.

Do Pitman Arms Go Bad?

Pitman Arms aren’t attached to any component. Pitman arm replacement is carried out only when there is an impact(taking place due to collision or other reasons) or damages in the tapered hole. Another type of Pitman’s arm has a moving ball joint attached to the steering linkage. Unfortunately, it wears down over time and hampers its working to a great extent.

What are Some of the Ways to Test the Pitman’s Arm?

The Pitman’s arm is generally tested by performing a dry park test. It offers assistance when the car is moved back and forth.

Is It Possible to Drive with a Bad Pitman Arm?

Generally, a bad Pitman arm impedes one’s driving ability. The steering ability would go away completely, so pitman arm replacement must be carried out as soon as possible.

Is there any Distinction Between Pitman Arm & Idler Arm?

The connection between the steering gear and steering linkage is generally established using Pitman’s arm. On the other hand, the idler arm connects the steering linkage with the frame.

How Much Time Does it Take to Change the Pitman Arm?

Changing a Pitman’s arm depends on several factors, including the vehicle you own and the skills you have. Pitman arm replacement is generally carried out using a specific puller.

How Much Does Pitman Arm Replacement Cost?

The Pitman arm replacement cost depends on the vehicle you own and the Auto Repair Shop you are consulting. These days you don’t have to visit the mechanic because of the mechanic’s availability at your convenience. The more expensive the car, the more will be the Pitman arm cost.

You can take steps to save money, such as purchasing it from a trusted car parts and accessories store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’You just have to pay labor charges, and once the new Pitman arm is installed in the car, taking turns won’t be a hassle for you.

The Bottom Line

Bad Pitman arm symptoms shouldn’t be taken lightly. A qualified mechanic can be consulted so that the problems don’t bother you again. Also, purchasing a top-quality Pitman arm from a trusted store and resolving the issues by yourself won’t be a bad idea.

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