When it’s time to Get Rid of Faulty Leaf Springs in Your Car?


History of Leaf Springs

Leaf Springs was an integral part of vehicles n Europe and Japan till the 1970s. They are installed in heavy-duty automobiles, such as vans & trucks. These are included in railways and top-notch car models like SUVs.In the case of heavy vehicles, the entire load is distributed to the car chassis, and in the case of coil springs, it is shared at a single point.

What are Leaf Springs & What Do They Do?

Leaf springs

The vertical vibrations on the road that aren’t uniform are minimized using leaf springs. It helps the vehicle in carrying dead weights, which were impossible otherwise. The suspension system must be in perfect order to help the vehicle run smoothly. For instance, a faulty leaf spring could give rise to other issues that aren’t related to the existing issue. The worst part is you would end up spending more money on replacing the steering wheel system or the tires of the car.

Signs Of A Bad Leaf Spring

Bad Leaf Spring

Below are the signs of a bad leaf spring, along with the ways to deal with it:

Steering Difficulties

If you are experiencing trouble steering your car, it is due to bad leaf springs. You would notice issues while you turn your car towards left or right. If you have been facing such concerns for a while, a qualified mechanic must be consulted in that case.

Squeaking Sounds from the Car

As you drive through minor bumps or potholes, you notice the car producing squawking sounds that won’t go away so easily. A qualified technician for diagnosing a bad leaf spring must be consulted so that the issues don’t pop up again.

Technician intervention is necessary even when you’re unable to take care of suspension systems by yourself.

Sometimes, the small rocks or debris get inside the leaf spring. Sometimes the spaces wear out and increase the friction between the leaves. Perform the leaf spring cleaning task yourself to prevent squeaking sounds from bothering you. It’s easy to take out the debris that has entered the car’s spring.

Vehicle is at Improper Level

It is the leaf spring that makes the suspension system mechanism work smoothly. If you notice that your vehicle isn’t at the proper level despite being on a flat surface. One side of the car tends to be lower than the other when exposed to bumps and potholes. A bad leaf spring won’t be able to support the vehicle due to issues in car shock absorption capabilities.

Car Becomes Sensitive to Bumps

When your car moves on smooth terrain, it must take the responsibility of minimizing the bump impact on wheels. Sometimes handling minor surfaces becomes a sensitive issue for the car. The vehicle bounces take place quite often, or cracks and damages have appeared on the leaves, so the car cannot handle the pressure and the shock system. It’s better to get the bad leaf spring diagnosed and fixed via leaf spring replacement.

How Much Does a Leaf Spring Replacement Cost?

The average leaf spring replacement cost generally falls between $450-$790.The labor cost and the springs and parts cost are levied separately. The installation costs vary from $95 to $170, depending on the mechanic you choose for your job. However, you can save money by bringing it from a reputed car parts and accessories store, ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ bringing optimum quality parts to you. You need to pay the labor charges to the mechanic.

The Bottom Line

If you’re unable to tackle, the suspension system issues like the leaf spring ones by yourself, taking the car to a qualified mechanic would be the best course of action. Get a leaf spring replacement if the condition of the previous one has become worse over time.

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