How to Deice the Car Without Scrapping?


Winters are around the corner. The weather gets extremely pleasant and often makes you procrastinate on your chores. There is nothing worse than the ice accumulated in every nook and corner of the car. Scrapping the ice out of your car becomes an everyday task for you and could degrade its aesthetics when not carried out properly. Here are some deicing car hacks that don’t need a scraper:

Warm Up Your Vehicle

Setting the car on defrost mode can eradicate unwanted ice present on the car’s windshield. If you have a shortage of time, try to implement this method, and it works when you deice a car without a scrapper. You can set it on defrost mode by the time you’re getting ready for work. If you want the ice to melt and water to flow through the window, keep the defrost at a low to medium setting. Don’t change the setting even if you’re in a hurry, as it could break the glass of the windscreen. Once the car is free of ice, take a wiper and remove the condensation.

Use Rubbing Alcohol & Water

Use Rubbing Alcohol & Water

Rubbing alcohol is an effective way to deice a car. This is an ideal approach compared to the ice scraper that would break your glass and is quite time-consuming. Try not to implement this method as the temperature goes below 5 degrees and the alcohol freezes in such temperatures. Here is how you can remove the ice using rubbing alcohol:

  • Take a bottle to add two parts of rubbing alcohol and one part of water.
  • Eliminate snow built up to present on the windshield before applying rubbing alcohol to it.
  • Apply the solution directly to the area covered with ice.
  • Wait for 1 or 2 minutes for the alcohol to melt the ice completely.
  • Take advantage of the windshield wipers to eradicate leftover snow from the car.

Use Salt & Water

Salt is often dropped on the roads covered with ice and can be applied to the car’s windshield. It’s not just the salt but a combination of salt and water that eradicates the ice more rapidly than anything else. Avoid using heavy salt as it would degrade the windshield glass. Adopt the following ways while applying salt and water to the car areas covered with ice:

  1. Add two tablespoons of salt to two water(room temperature) cups.
  2. Try to wipe out the snow before applying the solution.
  3. Apply the saltwater solution directly
  4. Notice the thawing of the ice after several minutes.
  5. Wipe off the snow using the windshield wipers.

Vinegar and Water Spray

Vinegar and Water Spray

If you don’t have an ice scraper or cannot find it in your home, take advantage of vinegar water spray to get rid of the ice. Here is how you can deice a car using vinegar water spray:

  1. Take three parts of apple cider vinegar & one part of water.
  2. Mix these two things thoroughly and start by spraying it externally and moving inside the car.
  3. Vinegar is a natural acid that prevents ice formation while your car is outside.

Note: Acidic properties of vinegar leads to the chipping or cracking of the windshield. Avoid implementing this method if you’ve recently got your glass repaired.

Take Advantage of the Credit Card

Take Advantage of the Credit Card

If the car consists of a small amount of ice, take advantage of this method to deice a car. The credit card is extremely thin and cannot help you get rid of thick ice on the car. Ensure that you are eliminating the unwanted ice slowly to prevent the windshield glass from degrading.

The Bottom Line

Implement these simple and effective ways to deice a car instead of degrading its aesthetics using a scrapper. For more such hacks, don’t forget to visit the customer trusted car parts and accessories store online, ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘.

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