How to Leave the Car Spick & Span During Winters?


Winter is the worst season that results in car wear and tear. Snow, ice, and water become the biggest enemy of your car during this season, and you would notice debris on the shoes and boots of the car. These things degrade different regions of the vehicle. However, cleaning the car during winter isn’t a difficult task. You can still make the car’s exterior look spick and span if you know the right process. Experts at reputed car parts and accessories store ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ understand the concerns of the drivers and have shared some best winter car washing tips with you:

#Step 1:Dress in an Appropriate Manner

Those washing the vehicles at freezing or low temperatures must not forget to cover themselves with waterproof material before beginning the job. The water would be all over your hands and feet; wearing waterproof gloves and thermal proof boots can save you from this mess. If you don’t have the waterproof, wear rubber gloves over the regular ones.

#Step 2:Perform Hosing Using Hot Water

Before beginning the wash, avoid splashing hot water on the car if you notice ice and snow on the car. Mixing the glass and hot water with each other isn’t ideal; the microscopic cracks present on the windshield crack over time eliminate the wax applied to the car.

It would be best to use warm water instead of hot water. Get your car to preheating mode to prevent freezing right after the wash.

#Step 3:Avoid Scrubbing

Avoid Scrubbing

Most car wash stores would recommend rinsing than scrubbing your vehicle. Using a soapy scrub brush would leave salt, sand, and dirt on the paint, leading to scratching. Using a foam soap gun would eliminate unwanted particles from the car in a single go. Take advantage of the foaming gun so that the water doesn’t splash all over you.

#Step 4:Avoid Checking the Area Beneath the Car

We often forget to check the area beneath the vehicle during summers but need special attention from you during winters. The car’s underside doesn’t have any coating and is susceptible to rust and constant water splashes. Spray the hose under your car and get rid of the dirt and salt present beneath your car. Alternatively, you can invest in undercarriage spray that you can get from a well-established car parts and accessories store online, ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’

#Step 5:Perform Some Winter Waxing

Applying wax is a better alternative than investing in a cleaning device. Using car wax with Carnuba helps to get rid of snow and water in winter. This wax stays intact on the car no matter how much water gets on the car. The more wax you apply, the more it stays. The wax application must be performed before leaving the vehicle inside the storage.

#Step 6:Pay Extra Attention to the Wipers

Pay Extra Attention to the Wipers

Once you’re done with the washing tasks, get into the vehicle and turn the washer fluid on. Spray it for 10 seconds or more till the wipers are in motion.

#Step 7:Prevent Doors and Windows from Icing

Prevent Doors and Windows from Icing

Like the windshields, the windows and doors must receive similar post-wash attention. Fold the curtains and allow the sun’s entry to prevent ice formation between the windows and seal. Open the fuel door to prevent it from shutting down due to freezing.

The Bottom Line

Winter washing can be a difficult job for many. Implementing the tips mentioned would enhance the curb appeal of the car. Cover all the areas to give a better look to your vehicle. Washing materials such as wax & hose are trusted car parts and accessories stores online.

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