How to Get Rid of Ants Inside Your Car?

Did you forget to pick up the peanut butter cup you dropped in your car? Has the soda cover found its way to the third-row seat locking bar? These things often grab the attention of ants, and they would find them all over these things. Now they’ve got inside your car it’s time to get rid of them before they start eating everything inside the car. Experts at reputed online car parts and accessories store ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ highlight why there are ants in cars and have come up with complete solutions for the same.

Why Are There Ants in My Car?

 Ants in My Car

Ants get inside your car because there is something to eat for them. Check the floor mat for brown spots, and if it starts moving, then there are ants in your car. They are going to savor food like living beings and would accumulate in places where there is rotting food, sugary residue, and even spilled sippy cups. Sometimes they would get inside the car’s interior and would leave no stone unturned in degrading them.

Types of Ants Generally Found in Cars

The most common types of ants are the carpenter ones and sugar ants. Carpenter ants pry on woods that offer them an environment of their choice, while sugar-eating ants are found in places with food. The entire community feeds on cellulose which fulfills the hunger pangs of the entire community. Sugar ants are smaller than carpenter ants and might skip your sight initially. In case you notice a small dark brown clump with tendrils, it is the group that is moving. The approach for ant control in-car must be implemented keeping the issue in hand in mind.

Ways to Get Rid of Car Ants

Now you’ve come to know about the types of car ants, so here are some effective ants in car remedies for you:

Move Your Car

Ants would get within your car after you park them under the tree or near an anthill. Sometimes, open ants would find a way inside the car when you leave the sunroof or moonroof. You just need to turn your key and park the car away from the area where ants reside. If you’ve parked the car away and cannot get rid of the ants, the issue is coming from somewhere else.

Eliminate Trash From Your Car

Trash present in the car crevices is the ants’ preferred destination. It would be food for you and me, but it’s the meal of the day for ants. Take out all the food cups, wrappers, or any other item present inside the car with sugar content.

Keep the Interior Spick and Span

Enhancing the aesthetics isn’t the only reason for performing car detailing. Everything from Frappuccino to snacks must be eliminated from the interior. Ensure that every nook & corner of the car is cleaned using top-quality car cleaners bought from reputed online car parts and accessories storeThe Auto Parts Shop‘ at affordable prices.

Vacuum Your Car Properly

Vacuum Your Car Properly

Car vacuuming would bring you the satisfaction that you won’t get from anything else. Removing all the grime from the car would increase the vehicle’s resale value. You are also sucking up all the food that ants are attracted to. Go into every crevice along with crumbs where ants are hiding.

Tidy Up Your Wheels & Tires

Even the tire grooves are susceptible to berries, animal feces, and all sorts of other ant food. This would attract the ants, and they would find a way inside the car. They are so tiny that they would get within the car’s crevice.

Ant Traps

If you’ve been struggling with ant issues for a while, then keep ant bait traps in areas where ants are accumulating. The way these traps work is quite surprising. Initially, the pheromones present in the traps catch the attention of ants but are poisonous in reality. The best part is you can implement these ants’ in-car solutions at your home.

Ant Spray

As you search on Google, you’ll come across several ant sprays.No one wants to know the source from where they’re originating but want a solution like an ant spray to remove them completely.

How to Prevent Ant-Entry Inside the Car?

The best way to get rid of ant manifestation is to prevent their entry in the first place. Ensure that you keep the car clean at all times and the trash is disposed of properly inside the bin. Also, don’t forget to park your car in the proper space.

The Bottom Line

Ant entry can be prevented only by keeping the car spick and span. Take the steps mentioned above to prevent ants from getting inside the car.

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