How to Prepare for Hazardous Winter Driving?


You need to wear extra clothes to protect yourself from cold weather. The same thing applies to the cars that take you to places requiring extra preparation before winter. Driving in winters is quite risky as one comes across ice and snow every day. Therefore, Preparing well in advance can save you from getting into unforeseeable events. Professionals from ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ have shared some that prepare your car for winter driving with you that can help you go through the tough winter season:

How to Prevent Yourself to Drive Safely During Winters

We can’t do anything about the season, so it’s time to be prepared for it instead of worrying about it. Of course, all this must be performed before the snowfall as these issues, when ignored, leads to bigger problems as the temperature drops. Below are some tips that can keep your car running:

Take the Car to the Mechanic

Take your vehicle for a visual inspection to the mechanic. Ensure that he goes through the battery,anti-freeze, thermostat, heater, brakes, and defroster and perform necessary maintenance or replacements when needed.

Check the Tires for Tread

Make you that you check your tires for tread, and the moment you find any issues with them, replacing them would be the best course of action. This time make sure you buy quality treads from the trusted car parts and accessories store ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ that offer enough traction and are equipped to handle extreme weather conditions.

Checking the Headlights for a Better View

Headlights improve your visibility on the road and help you drive safely as the weather conditions get worse. Make sure that the headlights, especially the front and rear ones, and the hazard are working appropriately. Ignoring such issues could lead to accidents and costly repairs in the years to come.

Wash Your Car and Prevent Corrosion Using Paint

Rock salt is the biggest enemy of vehicles in winters. This salt stays on the car for a while and corrodes the vehicle’s paint. Take your car for a proper car wash and paint it by applying a fresh coat of paint. The car would start looking brand new. 

Don’t Forget to Look at Windshield Wiper

The windshield wiper is susceptible to freezing as the winter season arrives. Instead of letting it as it is, buy the one which is exclusively made for the winter months.

What to Carry While Driving in Winters?

Unforeseeable events such as accidents often take place during the winter months. Avoiding these situations is impossible, but incorporating the winter car prep tips mentioned below can save you from such situations and won’t leave you stranded on the road:

Gas Tank

Keep the gas tank half full during winters as this would reduce the condensation, and starting the vehicle during chilly winters won’t be a hassle for you.


The cell phone battery dies soon, especially when the car is taken for a long tour. Carrying a charger along is one of the sound investments you are making and could prevent your phone from dying amid the journey.

Mandatory Driving Essentials 

Always carry snow or ice scraper to shovel your car. Don’t drive without a first aid kit, as it can be used whenever something unpredictable takes place. Try not to leave home without some extra blankets, water bottles, and snacks, as they would give you the energy to drive.

Build Traction Under the Tires with Sand

If you have a rear-wheel vehicle, keep a bag of sand inside your car. The rear-wheel vehicle move via rear wheels instead of the front ones. It has a heavy front and light back that makes it slide on the road covered with snow.

Wipe the Car


Before heading towards a long journey, make sure that you take some time to wipe the car. Things including the Hood, headlights, Taillights, and roof must be cleaned on a mandatory basis. However, spending some time initially could prevent you from perilous situations due to poor visibility.

Things to Consider While Driving on a Snowy Road


As we drive, we often come across certain elements during winters. While driving, handling the car can save you from getting in snow and reaching the destination safely. Also, Don’t forget to abide by the snowy weather tips that mustn’t be forgotten while Preparing the car for winter driving:

Take Announcements Seriously

Ensure that you listen to radio announcements that tell everything about the road conditions. You can even contact the local highway patrol and receive road updates from them.

Plan Ahead of Time

Planning goes a long way, especially while you’re preparing the car for winter driving. Avoid driving on the road which is blocked or unsafe.


If you have arrived on an unknown road, inform your family members or the authorities so that they arrive at your destination.

Drive Cautiously on Bridges and Overpasses

The cold weather severely impacts the bridges and the overpasses. Therefore, reduce your speed while driving on them and prohibit changing the direction or speed.

Avoid Slow Driving

Try not to drive slowly, and the car needs some momentum to come out of the heavy snow and won’t get stuck there.

Apply Gentle Impulses

Try to apply gentle impulses while driving. For example, apply the accelerator gently, turn slowly, and apply brakes cautiously. Don’t turn the car abruptly as it would lead to a collision, and carefully observe other cars’ turn, stop, and lane changes.

How to Prevent Yourself from Winter Accidents?

Snowstorm whiteouts and black ice generally impair our visibility during winters. Driving in such a situation can put your life at risk. If you skid, avoid panicking; that will keep you focused while driving and steer cautiously. Also, don’t forget to follow Winter weather driving preparedness tips for snowy weather listed as follows:

  1. Try to drive towards the right side of the road, away from the traffic.
  2. Ensure that you are wearing the seat belts while driving and turn the hazard lights on so that others can see you.
  3. In case you are stuck in the snow, divert the attention by tying a piece of cloth to the car.
  4. In case you get stuck in the snow, apply this method, keep your wheels straight and move the accelerator slowly. Move the car back and forth using weight and momentum and come out of it.
  5. Keep the engine running to make it warm if your car isn’t going. Open the window to get fresh air & clear the exhaust pipe to prevent the entry of Carbon Monoxide within the car.

The Bottom Line

There is no better alternative than Preparing the car for winter driving. Not doing so can put the passengers’ lives at risk.

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