Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay With Testing Procedure

Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay With Testing Procedure
Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay With Testing Procedure

Cars perform optimally when a precise amount of fuel is delivered to them. Behind the smooth working of the fuel pump is the relay that supplies the necessary voltage used in its operation. A poorly working relay could prevent the car from running smoothly. A proper bad fuel pump relay diagnosis accompanied by replacement can fix the relay concerns in no time. Let’s dive deeper into the signs of a problematic fuel pump relay, and when things get worse, take it to the mechanic for a fuel pump relay replacement:

What Exactly is a Fuel Pump Relay?

The fuel pump relay takes the responsibility of supplying power to the pump. The right amount of fuel is given to injectors and the combustion chambers via the relay. This is a device that carries electrical components placed in aluminum and plastic cylinder boxes. In the market, it is generally available in different ratings and dimensions also present in different car locations.

What are the Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay?

Bad Fuel Pump Relay

A lot of reasons can be held responsible for bad fuel pump relay.No one among them is good and impedes the driving experience of an individual. Don’t ignore the signs of a bad fuel pump listed as follows:

Engine Issues

You may experience engine issues, especially when you have a bad fuel pump. A bad fuel pump relay won’t deliver electrical power to the pump, prohibiting the engine’s fuel delivery. The engine would still crank in such a case and prevent the vehicle from starting. A proper fuel pump relay replacement from a trusted mechanic can fix these issues quickly. A bad fuel pump relay could lead to engine misfiring as it doesn’t receive adequate pressure.

Fuel Pump Producing No Noise

As you start the car, you will notice whining sounds coming out of it. It is possibly because of the bad fuel pump relay. It is time to send someone at the back of the car to kick on it. If you’re unable to hear it, there is an electrical malfunction in your vehicle, and determine the Fuel pump relay replacement cost to fix these issues by yourself.

Rough Acceleration

Acceleration issues are common, especially when the car is experiencing fuel pump issues. This rough acceleration leads to engine stalling, and your vehicle won’t start at all at one point. As a result, you may sometimes notice the relay working one day and not working at all the other time.

Have a Look at the Engine Light

An illuminating check engine light indicates an issue. Many among them are linked with bad fuel pump relay codes. Check the relay, which takes a couple of minutes, and during the worst-case scenario, take it to the mechanic for inspection.

How to Test the Bad Fuel Pump Relay?

You can test bad fuel pump relay yourself if you have sound technical knowledge. Perform the steps mentioned below:

Testing Using Multimeter

Things You Need:

  • Multimeter
  • Contact Cleaner
  • Fuel Pump Relay Diagram

#Step1:Start Finding the Relay in the Fuse Box and Take the Relay Out of the Socket

If you are unable to find the fuel pump go through the manual. It is generally located inside the hood, dashboard, or side kick panels.

#Step2:Inspect the Fuel Pump Relay for Signs of Corrosion

Have a look at the fuel pump relay externally, and if you suspect any signs clean it using a contact cleaner.

#Step3:Inspect the Fuel Pump for a Blown Fuse

The multimeter helps measure the DC voltage and check no 85 where the relay plugs are. If it’s showing a 12 V reading, it is possibly due to a blown-out fuse. Check if the power circuit terminals are continuous or not.

#Step4:Check the Terminals for Continuity

Set the multimeter on continuity mode or keep the ohm setting to low. Connect one lead to one power circuit and the other to the power terminal.

Can You Check the Fuel Pump Without Multimeter?

The fuel pump can be checked without a multimeter. However, the results generated by the multimeter won’t give correct results. Apply the methods mentioned below while testing it without multimeter:

  1. A high-impedance test light can help you determine whether the relay is getting power or not.
  2. Turn the switched-off keys on and notice the clicking or the buzz sounds. This sound means that the pump is giving pressure to the fuel.

If you don’t have adequate technical knowledge, you can take it to the mechanic who would perform Fuel pump relay replacement so that these concerns don’t bother you again.

How Much Does Fuel Pump Relay Replacement Cost?

The fuel pump relay replacement costs $25 per relay, and the labor charges would be levied hourly. However, you can save money by purchasing from a trusted store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ that provides you top-notch and reasonable relays.

The Bottom Line

Leaving the fuel pump relay issues unattended could hamper your car’s working. Instead, it is better to take the car to the mechanic for a fuel pump relay replacement and prevent them from bothering you again.

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