How To Prepare Your Car for a Christmas Trip?


Christmas eve is just around the corner. Christmas gives you a big break from work, huge traffic on the road and the weather conditions become worse at this time. According to sources, 18 million journeys will be planned between the 23rd and 24th of the month, making travelling a hassle. However, preparation for your car well in advance can make your trip memorable and fun. Experts at ‘‘The Auto Parts Shop” have taken the initiative and have come up with some Christmas trip preparation  for you:

Inspect your Battery Thoroughly

No one wants to get disappointed on Christmas eve as the car isn’t starting at all. Batteries start giving issues during the winter season and tend to fail as the weather worsens. A thorough battery inspection from the mechanic or by yourself would make your journey smooth and hassle-free. If the battery’s condition worsens over time, a battery replacement will fix the issues in no time.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Several cars during the Christmas period make you feel stranded on the road. Roads are blocked, or one is stuck in the traffic for hours. It’sIt’s better to keep stuff handy, including the eatables and drinking water. During extreme weather, an extra layer of clothing would keep you warm, and try to keep the shovel handy that gives you a grip and help your car come out of snow.

Enough Fuel In the Car

Amid other stuff, basic things like filling the fuel tank mustn’t be forgotten at any cost. You can sit in the traffic for hours and don’t have to worry about fuel running out on a busy road. Purchase fuel and keep it in a spare bottle just if you require it during your journey. Use it during emergencies and carry out your Christmas trip without any hassle.

Don’t Forget the Fluids

Checking the fluids is something one does not need to perform regularly. However, the level of fluids is supposed to be checked as the winter season arrives. For instance, Dirt and debris accumulate on the windscreen and are generally eliminated using windscreen washer fluid. You can check it by putting a dipstick in the engine bay, cleaning it thoroughly, and dipping it to a place from where oil levels are checked. If needed, fill the washer fluid in it.

Inspect your Tires


Tire maintenance is the most critical component that cannot be neglected at any cost. Tires are the only components that have direct contact with the road. The grip of the tires reduces as the weather gets cold and wet. Therefore, It is vital to invest in optimum quality and durable tires. Determine the tread depth using a 20p coin, and at times the band around the edge needs to be changed with a new one. Check the manual for manufacturer’s recommendations pressure and ensure that the tires align with them perfectly. Investing in a tire pressure monitor sounds like a good idea as you can count it whenever you feel that the pressure is low.

Travelling With Children

Gone are the days when children were lured for a Christmas trip by handing them a packet of chips or making them sing on the radio. Despite the advancements in the automotive industry, children would still feel bored and irritated with the interior and amusement system. Keep your devices charged and install learning tools or games that make their journey less bothersome. Tell your children to sleep if the trip has become monotonous for them so that you can drive without any distraction.

Trip with Pets


No one wants to enjoy a Christmas trip without their beloved furry pet. You need to take care of a few things that will make the pet’s journey less problematic. First, make sure that the pets are comfortably seated at a place in the car instead of lap or taking their head out of the car. You can install harnesses and barriers to help your pet be seated comfortably. Don’t forget to check the travelling laws before commuting to another city.

Night Driving

Things get quite stressful when someone starts their journey at night. There is only one thing that will make the journey smooth frequent breaks and planning things ahead of time. Speeding up things or checking the mirrors quite often leads to fatigue, and the more organised you’re, the hassle-free the journey becomes.

The Bottom Line

Christmas trips can become very hectic if not planned wisely. However, incorporating the Christmas trip preparation tips mentioned above can make the journey smooth and enjoyable.

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