Things not to Keep in Your Car


Most individuals use cars to commute from one place to another. For many, it’s a place where they keep their personal belongings safely. A car isn’t the place where these things must be kept, and keeping them at home is the best thing you can do. Let’s dive deeper into the list of things that one must avoid keeping inside the car as follows:

Water Bottles

Water bottles

Not many people know, but plastic bottles within the car can be dangerous for you. For too long, a plastic bottle present in the car produces BPA that gets within the water and causes cancer. Try not to drink the water from the bottle that has been there for a while.


Expensive electronic items present in the car grab the attention of the thieves. If you leave your phone or laptop within the car, ensure that the private information is encrypted. Adding a layer of protection can prevent confidential information from costing thousands of dollars from Forgery. Ensure that the password you’ve set up for these devices is strong enough and is hard to crack.

Perishable Items

Grocery visits become regular during hot summer months. Avoid keeping these groceries at the car’s trunk as bacteria could accumulate inside it and make the food unfit for consumption. The best way is to keep it in the air-conditioned passenger compartment within the car. The perishable items should be consumed within 2 hours of purchase as having them after it can harm your well-being.



According to pharmaceutical manufacturers, certain medicines must be kept at 68 to 77 degrees. However, the car temperature might sometimes escalate up to 116 degrees, so it’s best to keep the medications at home instead of leaving them in the car.

Flammable Liquids

When exposed to heat, flammable liquids catch fire, so avoid them at all costs. Things including the aerosol cans must be placed at a certain temperature explosion may occur in high temperatures, and the contents of the can may come out.


Battery manufacturers recommend you not to leave the products at high temperatures as doing so would make them lose their capacity. Inhaling the toxic substances present in the battery can be dangerous and corrodes often. Things with high acidity must be kept away from the car’s interior and console.


Keeping the sunscreen away from your bag isn’t just a good idea. Also, keeping them in the car will fill the car’s interior with odor. In addition, the sunscreens lifespan reduces once it is exposed to high temperatures in the car. Letting the sunscreen remain inside the car is a bad idea.


You are planning to freshen up your breath in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, leaving the gum inside the car makes it gooey and sticky. This sticky component starts deteriorating the car’s interior and makes you spend more money on fixing it.



Keeping the glasses inside the car during the scorching summers isn’t a good idea at all. Wearing them is the best course of action, and leaving them as makes the frame melt and come off easily. Also, the glasses won’t fit the way they used to earlier.

The Bottom Line

Avoid keeping the items listed above inside the car as it could harm your car in the longer run.

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