How To Replace A Worn Or Broken Fan Belt?

A simple fix often gets costly when taken to the mechanic for replacement. However, there is no need to take the car for a garage fix every time something happens, as simple steps can resolve the issue in no time.

What’s a Fan Belt & What it Does?

A fan belt is an integral car component that keeps the vehicle cool. Since the engine moves electronically still, the belts perform different functions within the car. The number of belts in your engine often depends on the car’s make, year, and model, and the fan belt price is duly considered before the purchase. When we discuss the term belt, it means we’re referring to a drive or an alternator belt.

Comparison Between V-Belts and Serpentine Belts

Comparison Between V-Belts and Serpentine Belts

                                                       Serpentine Vs. V-Belts

In older vehicles, you will find V-Belts that are individual belts coming out of the crankshaft. Each belt performs distinct functions, including turning on the alternator or the water pump. In addition, it has a V-Shape grip on it.

Modern cars have Serpentine belts in them that performs several engine functions. In addition, it comes with a crankshaft and an alternator with a water pump, power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor.

How Often Should You Inspect the Fan Belt?

Periodic inspection has always been a part of regular maintenance. In the case of Mercedes Benz, the belt must be replaced after two years or cover 20,000 miles. On the contrary, in the case of Volkswagon, change it after the car has completed 40,000 miles. In the case of Ford, inspection is performed a little late by 100,000 miles, followed by regular inspection after 10,000 miles.GM miles inspection must be performed after 150,000 miles or ten years. Sometimes, Belts become cracked or frayed and need to be replaced quite often to prevent problems from getting worse.

What Happens When the Fan Belt Breaks?

Fan Belt Breaks

A fan belt delivers power to essential components of the engine. A broken one would halt the working of these components. Engine and accessories that move using a fan belt won’t run at optimum speeds, resulting in power loss within the electrical system. You may lose power steering so turning the steering often becomes a concern. An affected water pump leads to cooling system malfunction and engine overheating. A Broken belt impacts the alternator, thereby resulting in a dead battery.

Fan Belt Replacement Step by Step Guide

Fan Belt Replacement

Here are the basic Serpentine replacement guidelines to be performed in present-day vehicles. If you’re unsure of the belt type, you need to consult a reputed online car parts and accessories store, The Auto Parts Shop‘ will be the best course of action. Modern vehicles come with automatic tensioners that would make the process hassle-free, and the steps mentioned below are carried out in the presence of an automatic fan belt tensioner:

Step 1

Start by disconnecting the battery that must be taken before carrying out urgent repairs. Leave the black cable loose using a wrench and avoid disconnecting the red(positive) car cable.

Step 2

Find the Serpentine belt that lies behind the engine cover, either at the front or side of the engine. To find its exact location, you can refer to the user manual.

Step 3

Refer to the belt routing diagram in the user manual or click a belt photo to understand how the new one will work. In addition, some engines come with a diagram sticker that’s present on the cover.

Step 4

Remove tension from the old belt. The auto fan belt tensioner has holes in the ratchet or a bolt that keeps the socket wrench intact. In other words, keep your wrench abreast of the belt to eliminate the tension.

Step 5

Once the tension has been relieved, take out the older belt attached to the pulleys. Commence this process with an auto fan belt tensioner and ward off the pieces that come with the belt.

Step 6

Ensure that the width of the old and new belts is the same. If it isn’t, then you’ve purchased the wrong belt. The old belt has got bigger due to stretching.

Step 7

Move the old belt via the pulleys just like the old ones. Again, refer to the user manual or photo to ensure that it is connected correctly.

Step 8

Take advantage of the auto-tensioner and put the belt on the pulley. Once it is connected, take out the pressure so that the tension holds the belt as it is. A loose belt means that the belt is very big and needs to be resized.

If you don’t want to get into trouble, consulting a qualified mechanic would be the best course of action. You can buy the belt from customers’ trusted online car parts and accessories store& save money. You just need to pay the labor charges to the mechanic and can save money.

The Bottom Line

Fan belt replacement must be performed the sooner they get worn out or becomes damaged. Get the fan belt from a trusted mechanic and help different components run smoothly.

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