Issues with the Z55 Autoride Suspension featured in 2000-2014 GM trucks

On several GM’s heavier trucks, a Z55 suspension was an alternative feature. The brand term Auto Ride refers to GM’s automated load levelling suspensions & computed crash system. Although the AutoRide unit offers a comfortable ride, when it malfunctions, it might leave you with a sizable financial hole. For GM vehicles equipped with the Z55, Grade Auto Parts provides brand-new replacement passive shocks that are significantly less expensive and will retain handling and ride quality.

In order to provide a higher ride and ride quality, the factory-installed AutoRide Z55 package continually modifies the level of damping to every single vehicle’s corners. It is an optional addition to vehicles with 2000 and 2014 make and model. The system retained the option designation Z55 on the much more expensive SUVs, but then was marketed as “Road Sensing Suspension.”

What is the GM Z55 Suspension?

The Autoride is GM’s trademark term for their own innovative automated pneumatic load-levelling suspension & computer controlled Movable Shock Absorbers. The Autoride technology achieves the optimum blend of a smooth ride and precise handling qualities.

Several GM SUVs, including the Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban, and Avalanche, were available with an aftermarket Z55 suspension package from the 2000 through 2014 model years.

The Z55 Package is also available as an option;

  •  on the GMC Yukon Denali and,
  •  Yukon XL Denali trim levels.

Top 3 GM Z55 rear suspension issues

  • A bumpy and difficult ride
  • A “Service Autoride” or “Service Ride Control” dash warning light
  • Vehicle sagging at a single axle or corner

The primary signs of the rear rattling noise problem are:

  • A considerably tougher riding experience
  • compressor never turns on

Causes for bumpy and difficult ride

There are two main factors that might cause a bumpy and choppy ride:

The Auto Ride Z55 system has dynamic dumping mode in addition to automated load regulation using the air suspension system, which helps keep the truck level and ride when it is fully laden with freight or people. Unfortunately, the Auto ride Z55 system is susceptible to deterioration over time since it combines dynamic hydraulic suspension with air suspension. Driving becomes rough and bouncing when hydraulic seals deteriorate, resulting in a damage of hydrostatic pressure & total loss of the moisture at each curve. Your truck will frequently lean to one side, or possibly just one end, when the air adjustable damper component breaks. Your vehicle will be unstable and dangerous to operate as a result of the low ground clearance and imbalanced vehicle. 

The Z55 Auto Ride Replacement Shocks for 2000-2014 GM trucks are passively damped shocks created to give ride quality to original units at a price far less than dealer pricing. 

The electronic ride controls on the parent unit are turned off by these shocks, but the levelling mechanism remains engaged to help with towing and hauling. This also includes an integrated socket for turning off the dashboard light. 

A Z55 suspension package was an option for several of GM’s heavier trucks. The Autoride technology offers a smooth ride, and when it malfunctions, your wallet may suffer significantly. Many sellers offer aftermarket shock absorbers for GM vehicles equipped only with Z55 that are substantially less expensive and maintain ride quality and handling.

The factory-installed Z55 Autoride is a highly automated ride control unit that continuously modifies the level of damping at every corner of the vehicle to improve the ride and handling. It is an optional feature on the Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban, Avalanche, and other General Motors cars manufactured between 2000 & 2014. The GMC Yukon Denali & Yukon XL Denali trim versions came standard with it. The Z55 alternative code was preserved, but the system’s name was changed to The Road Sensing Suspension on the more upscale Cadillac Escalade and Escalade EXT SUVs.

The passively dampened Z55 Autoride shocks for GM Trucks with 2000 to 2014 makes are available at The Auto Parts Shop. These aftermarket shocks are built to recreate the handling and ride of original models at substantial cost savings beyond dealer charges. These shocks retain the active levelling system that aids hoisting and dragging but disables the original unit’s electronic damping control. They also come with the  built-in connector to turn off the dash caution light.

Do you own a Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon Denali, a Tahoe, or a Cadillac Escalade and Avalanche with Z55 Auto ride suspension? The Auto Parts Shop can save you from paying exorbitant dealer fees. You can contact us for expert assistance in getting anything else you could want for your vehicle.

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