Learn how to fix broken car handles!

The car door is a vital element of every vehicle as it aids in keeping you safe from any road mishap while safeguarding other components inside too.  Also, you won’t be able to drive your car with open doors as it can take you to an extremely alarming and reckless situation.

One of the most vital components of any vehicle door is its handle! And, it is nearly unimaginable to open the car door without a handle. A car door handle might get broken or deteriorate over time. So it becomes necessary to fix your vehicle door handle asap. 

Though the door handle of your automobile is one of the most ignored components, its significance is much bigger. So, if you need to fix the handle of your car door, you need to read further… So, let’s get started; 

Learn how to fix broken car handle; 

Sometimes, seeing a professional help is not the most effective option and takes time and costs you heavily as well. You may learn how to fix a car handle yourself with the assistance of this write-up.

What You Exactly Need To Fix Your Broken Car handle; 

  1. A new replacement handle 

2. Towel

3. Screwdriver

4. Socket wrench

5. Rubber mallet

6. Masking tape

Let’s Start With The Fixing Process;

Let's Start With The Fixing Process;

Depending on the type of your automobile, get a replacement door handle before you start mending. You can choose between receiving fasteners on both ends or just one. Purchase electrical door handles that are compatible with your automobile if the car door has an automated locking mechanism.

You need a new key when you get a new door handle. Simply use the lock cylinder on the new handle to utilize the old key. Ask the automobile business if they have an automated lock system handle if your current door handle is analogue and you wish to utilize one.

Keep the window closed.

If the door is already locked, roll down the window and unlock it. Though you have power windows, you don’t need to remove the window rolling button, even if the repair procedure is practically identical to that of another vehicle.

Take out the inside door panel.

Remove a little screw from the inside door panel. Remove the four lines plastic part of the handle with your screwdriver. Within will be a black nut. Using a drilling screwdriver, loosen the nut.

Take out the inside door panel.

The majority of cars have the same design within the door handle cover. The upper section is simple to remove. Just gently push it up so that no other components break. After removing the lid, use the drilling screwdriver to remove the two main nuts and store them somewhere secure. Now, pull the bottom section of the whole door panel off. Remove any electrical cables that are attached to the door panel of your vehicle. If the door panel clips are damaged, the door will not fit tightly.

When you remove the door panel, you’ll notice a plastic cover on the mechanism. Only the door handle should be removed.

Remove the Door Handle Nut.

Nuts secure the handle part of the door. Using a screwdriver, unscrew them. The handle is held in place by four screws. You can temporarily roll up the window to improve your working conditions.

Remove the Door Handle Nut.

The handle snaps off

Close the car door and step outdoors. Place the cloth beside the damaged handle. Place the screwdriver on the cloth and begin to pry out the handle. The towel will protect your vehicle from scratches. The handle will come off if you push it with the screwdriver. Remove the shattered door handle piece as well.

Replace the new car Handle

Take the new handle and place it on the outside of the handlebar. The door will start operating when you place the handle.


We must now reconstruct it. Attach the little section of the door handle. There will be a small spherical element in there that you must attach to the door. However, if it is loose, apply glue to secure it. Simply position it and pinch it a bit to fit entirely within the door. Check the door functioning a few times to ensure it is working properly.

Correctly position the window rolling handle. Check that the door handle works correctly with the new mechanism. Attach the inside door panel and tighten all of the bolts.

How Much Does a Door Handle Repair Cost?

The cost is determined by what is repaired and how many components are repaired. Because interior door handles are weaker than outside door handles, they are slightly different. However, the cost of restoring the inside and outside door handles is about the same.

How Do You Open a Car Door When the Outside Handle Is Broken?

It might be difficult and dangerous to open a car door if the handle is damaged. It might occur at any time. What if you want to go on vacation but can’t open the door? In this instance, you’ll need to know how to open a door with a damaged handle.

When the outside handle breaks, you must remove the interior panel to gain access to the latch situated within the door jamb. Remove the passenger seat and disconnect the battery since the passenger seat contains a body control module that should be unplugged while working. After that, proceed to the backseat and detach it from the floor. Just use a little push to get the clip out.

Using a socket, remove the bolt. You’ll see door connections down there after removing the seat. Unplug all of the connections. Remove the panel and the handle clip. You’ll see a bolt behind it. Remove the entire system and the door. The door latch is visible after removing the plastic shell. To find out whether there is a problem, move the door lock cable.

Manually pry on the latch to allow the automobile door to open.

Important Door Handle Information

When you try to open your door, it may appear slick. In that situation, replace or repaint the door handle to improve its functionality. In addition, examine the door handle on a regular basis. Do not disregard any scratches or loose nuts. You must also add additional pieces over time. Furthermore, replacing the door handle is preferable to fixing it.

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